CBRE Walmart Late Payment


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I loved working for Walmart when I was only dealing with Service Channel. We have a huge balance with CBRE since they have taken over the account. Anyone else experiencing the same?


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CBRE is huge around here, I don't have any accounts with them. Seems most commercial is going to 90 day payment which means mowing checks are coming in in February. I bump the price on anyone that needs more than 30 days to cover the "loan"

If it's more than 90 days I'd raise some cain up over there.


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Yup that still doesn't help me. I'm not sure who Facility source is either.
They've been around for a long time. They've always been big in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. With their own technicians as well as subs. They bought or were bought by facility source which is a lawn and snow pimp (they may do other things too but I'm not sure)

ARN Greencare

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CBRE is a rip off. They wanted me to plow, apply ice melt, and shovel sidewalks at local Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores for 239$ a pop. And then wait 90 days for payment. I'll flip burgers ir deliver pizza before I do that...