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    I just received my soil sample analysis and it indicates that sulfur is recommended to acidify the soil. The pH is 7.2. The P and K are in the medium low range, but my question is this. Is there a "bagged" product that I can apply that will satisfy all requirements. Also, any suggestions to balance the soil would be helpful. The yard is "struggling" because of shade, and it was seeded with shady mix 5 years ago. Thanks.
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    7.2 is not bad, and is in fact recommend for most turf. What are the calcium levels? In the mid west with soil that is highly buffered with calcium, it will take years to lower the pH at the 5#/1,000 per app and 10#/1000 per year limits of sulfer to established turf (due to burning). Most fertilizers using ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and urea will slowly lower Ph over time. I think your fine. Just work on the P, K
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    The calcium levels are 970 ppm.

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