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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Stonehenge, Oct 16, 2001.

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    I make cd-rom presentations all the time. They are fairly simple to do and make a great presentation to prospect customers. I would not use them in replace of business cards (though I have made them on disks the size and shape of business cards) (also you will croke your cd rom before you make to many) There are so many ways to do make them i.e.. different formats and such, that going into it in detail is hard to do here. Also the cost of the programs can get a little outrageous and depending on how much editing you do, the graphics programs are even worse. To start make sure you have a DV camcorder, and digital camera. Basic photo editing software such as MGI photosuite 4 ($50)(, and simple video editing software like Pinnacle Studio DV software ($90 @ Best Buy) or VideoWave 5 ($130) or Cinematic ($90)(both at to start (I use all 3 plus about 6 others). This will allow you some flexibility and will offer you some options. You could also do this with just the DV camcorder and Pinnacle software, but adding pics and slide shows is more difficult. Also a program like Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 or home studio ($130-$600 @ will help you add some great audio mixes to your work. And once you have a master, something like clone disk ($? www.?), or Nero burn ($30-$90 @ or free) will help you mass produce. I can help you allot if you need it and show you were you can get allot! of stuff for free on the net, so feel free to email me if you decide that this is for you and I will help you through the process. Good Luck.
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    Wow, Dochere,

    Sounds like you've got this down. I've got a digital camera, scanner, ahi8 camcorder, but want to purchase some software to be able to convert it to digital, but for right now I don't even have enough footage to do anything (just got the camera a few weeks ago). I have image editing (Photodeluxe - cheap, but I've done all website, biz card, marketing materials with it so far). I've got ACID loop-based music making software, and can do wild stuff with that, but may stick with something simple like Pachelbel's Canon.

    I'd be interested in seeing what you've done.

    I've checked out some slide show software, and it appears so far to be relatively easy to add pics and have background music. But that's all it can do is a slide show. It sounds like you've done something different than that.

    I hadn't thought about my CD RW getting cooked, but that's a valid concern.

    Thanks for your ideas. I look forward to your response.

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