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    Heron Cove is correct. We have 3 different sets of DOT #'s for my different companies and 2 of them are just for in-state which have an ME at the end (USDOT ######ME) and the other is for equipment that goes out of state (USDOT ######).
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    Maybe this will make a difference in my situation. Since I am a sole proprietor, do 99% of the work myself and get my jobs from referrals I have never put signs on my truck or trailer. They are registered in my name (not my company's). When you are the sole proprietor you/company are not seperate legal entities. I guess I would not be considered a"commercial vehicle" on my registration. This could be why my GCWR on my registration has N/A not a weight.
    According to the chart on the former post, I should have had a CDL class C just to pull my current trailer. So should everyone pulling any trailer at all. I had no idea that even a small lawn care company with a pickup and a couple of walk behinds needed a cdl.
    It still confuses me that Maryland recently enacted(oct. 2003) a law requiring "non-commercial drivers of commercial vehicles between 10,001 and 26,000 lbs to have a dot physical card, even if they don't have a CDL". It seems that they would need to have a CDL just to drive the vehicle. And what is a non-commercial driver of a commercial vehicle. I will attempt to solve these mysteries tomorrow. Luckily, the main MVA branch isn't to far from where I will be ordering my new trailer. I'll post what I am told by our ever helpful MVA employees.
    Thanks again for all your help.
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    That chart doesnt say I need a CDL to pull a 10000+ trailer.

    I can do this all day long and every one of them will say that the first requirement for needing a CDL is 26001 lbs GVWR. They will not say that a CDL is required for a 10000 lbs trailer. They do say a CDL A is required for a 10000 lbs trailer, but only if you are over the 26000 lbs GCWR.
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    Here is where you are wrong:

    1. As defined in every resource I could find, CMV = GVWR of 26001 or more. (there are many other things that would classify a vehicle as commercial, with respect to needing a CDL, but none of them have anything to do with 10000 lbs)

    2. Agreed. As long as your trailer isnt over 10000 lbs.

    3. If the trailer is over 10000 AND the trailer and powered vehicle are over 26000, you need a CDL A.
    It doesnt matter what the trailer weighs If you stay under 26001 GCVW, you do not need a CDL. I havent said it five times yet but I may at some point.

    I like this link because it states clearly that the first thing that is required of all the CDL classes (A,B,) except C is that the GVWR has to be over 26000 lbs.

    Would you care to waiger :)
    I am 110% sure of this and Ive seen nothing to dispute it. Well, except here.
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    If you guys go on unemployment during the off season, unemployment will pay for you to get you cld class a. I was working construction a long time ago and was laid off for the winter months when I went to unemployment they asked if I was intrested I said heck yeah if they were going to pay, I still have my class A today. The best is in the winter when the snow lets up I go drive a dump truck to haul snow away for 22 an hr to sit and drive for 6 hrs. not a bad gig.
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    THIS PLACE IS UNBELIEVABLE SOMETIMES. Do I really need to type EVERY word form the book verbatim? The title above that chart says you need a CDL for the following. [​IMG]
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    I hope this attachment works. If not, I'll try again.

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