CDL or Chauffeur's Lic?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Trees Too, Jan 20, 2014.

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    A med card and a whole lot more..
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    Well of course it is complicated. Its gov. controlled. I have usdot #s, have a class E driver license. According to MODOT, since I carry fuel in the equipment I am a small quantity haz mat hauler. Now I am required to have a MC-90 endorcement on my insurance. Just gets crazier all the time.
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    Just because a driver has a CDL doesn't require the employer to change anything. It comes down to your operation of vehicles and crossing state lines. I have a Class A and like stated before it just means I can drive just about anything but passengers and doubles+ in my case. If your operation requires CDL license than yes you will have to drug test and whatever else is evolved. In other words the license doesn't dictate the vehicle does.
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    Thanks...This was most helpful. For sure if a landscape const. firm has a dump truck. Then the driver will need a CDL.

    Regarding CDL Licensing, I found this website.

    As far as a Chauffeurs or other Type of "special license". That issue gets pretty dicey as the Regs vary from State to State.
    I came across the following website in that regard;
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    It all varies by state, and if the DOT number you use is an intrastate or an interstate number. Once you go interstate, then you have to abide by all the federal laws and inspections (safety, fuel tax, etc.), but the only way I see an LCO using an interstate DOT number is if they operate in multiple states.
    I have an intrastate DOT number, as most people should, so I have to abide by my state DOT regulations, not the federal regs. So, in MI, CDL is required when your GVWR is 26,001+, 16+ passengers, or hazmat.
    The Chauffeurs License is the second option here. If your GVWR is 10,001 and used commercially, you need a Chauffeurs, also applies to driving passenger vehicles like taxis, limos, etc.
    Like everyone says, it just applies to your state. If you're never going to run anything more than a one ton, then a CDL isn't really required. The problem is, you hook your F350 dump truck up with a GVWR of 19500 to an equipment trailer with a GVWR or 10000, you're in CDL territory.
    I have a Chauffeurs myself.
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    That depends. Definitely not for sure. Like has been said, it varies by state. In PA, I would just need a standard license and a med card to drive a 7 ton dump with hydraulic brakes. As long as its under 26,001 no CDL is needed. I have never seen an LCO here driving tri or tandem axle dumps. The supply yards have them for bulk orders and getting material from one yard to another, but rarely will they use them to deliver material to a clients house with a finished drive as a 72,000lb dump will crack a concrete drive, or rut an asphalt drive. They will use 1-7 ton dumps to deliver material to a finished home. New construction, all bets are off, as they usually have no drive way yet. Around here, at least, the drive is the last thing to put in for that reason.
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    Thanks everyone! As I said initially, I've seen at least a couple of threads on here as to when a company's fleet is required to have USDOT #'s on their trucks. For those the do have USDOT #'s, then their drivers are required to have a bi-annual DOT physical, and carry a "Medial Examiners Certificate" verifying the bi-annual physical.

    Regarding USDOT #'s on truck, check out this site...
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    No you're not.

    Common misconception. The CGVWR maybe over 26 but it doesn't need a CDL until the trailer goes over 10k GVWR in this case.
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