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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 4 seasons lawn&land, Aug 15, 2010.

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    So with my new equip trailer my GC is at 25300 and the 2500 is definately outclassed by it so a 2 ton+ is in the future.

    Im just wondering about the road test and what thats like and the alternative several day course that issues a license upon meeting requirements. I would assume that if I just bought a truck and did the road course I will fail. But would like some more info either way.
  2. mybowtie

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    If you owned the truck or borrowed one, you would still have to have someone with a CDL drive with you just like a reg learners permit. They would also have to drive the truck to the DMV test site. The may ask to see the other drivers CDL to verify. Did this a few times while driving and training new guys. Next issue is your own/borrowed truck better pass pretrip insp, or you failed. Per trip insp is more then lights/horn. Fuel leaks, Wheel berrings seals

    The schools know the DMV instructors and the instructors inturn know the trucks as they see them all the time, and dont pay as close attention to the pretrip insp.Its prob a little easer to pass thru a school.

    If you can use a truck or if ya have one id try that first..Schools can get $$$
    Just my experance with NYS DMV...
  3. whosedog

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    My twins went to Smith Solomon Tractor Trailer School in Linden NJ for class A CDL paid $2,500 each the first one passed first try his brother failed the first try on the pretrip but passed on the 2nd try.Everyone in his group failed the first time because it was an alley docking that they didn't practice at the school.Finding a job with no experience isn't so easy,one had a job at a beer distributer but lost it;his brother just got hired by a lumber yard started today $14 Per Hr to start.
  4. Silver Landscaping

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    If I was going to do it I would go all the way. Go get a class A CDL with air brake endorsement. Once you do this if you want to do other stuff hazmat ect all you have to do is go back to the DMV and take a quick written test just on that subject.
    STUDY for all the permit tests. I saw a lot of guys fail because they didn't study the DMV provided material. Learn everything their way and you can do it the way you want once you score your licence.
    The road test is comprised of 3 parts pre trip inspection, backing skills ( usually done on a closed course), and the actual driving test. From my experience more people fail the pre trip than anything else.
    The drivers test in my experience was way more intense than a regular drivers licence. I had a sourpuss old man give me my test, he was a stickler for every detail. After a while (as a cdl test lasts the better part of an hour) I just relaxed,the guy and I started talking and it was over.
    Going to a school would most definantly give you a leg up and increase your chances of success on the first try. The school will know exactly what you local tester is looking for and will have the right equipment so you will not have any limitations or restrictions on your CDL
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  5. wellbuilt

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    What i did is take a NY on line CDL test .
    I think it cost 40 bucks .
    It tells you to take the online test until you get a test score of 80% or above 3 times in a row , then go take the written test .
    I took the whole test and had 1 question wrong .
    I'm not a book guy and the test was a cake walk .
    Then i took the driving test .
    I walked the instructor thru the truck for a few minutes . I have a cab over no air breaks.
    We drove around for a hour +-
    The inspector was mumbling when he talked and i could not hear his instructions . I pulled off the road and we had words , I thought i was going to fail but I passed . I used a 12000lb equipment trailer.
    I did not do good on the backing up and parking but he let me slide.
    I studied over christmas eve/day and took the test on Tuesday.
    I took the driving test on the following Thursday. I have a class A CDL I can drive a truck up to 26000lbs with a trailer that is rated for the truck .I want a 33,000lb truck so i can haul my skid and excavator to work on one trailer and haul a good amount of gravel/fill . It would have been nice to get the class A with all the endorsements but it wasn't a big deal . John
  6. Cornell

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    I just picked up the CDL manual at the local DMV, studied.... read it for a week. Went in and took the test. Wasn't too bad. Although if you're taking the test with a manual like I did make sure you hit every downshift because the tester I had was pretty picky about that.

    Just know the manual in and out and be comfortable with the vehicle you are using to take the driven test in.
  7. nepatsfan

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    pre trip is a pita. I did the pre trip from inside the truck which I thought was way harder. I had to tell him all the front end parts, what they did and what to check for. I knew the pre trip was hard so I studied it real well but I would always walk around the truck and look at the parts and describe what to check. It was a curve ball when I hopped into the truck to do the brake test and he had me do the rest of the pre trip inside the truck. I also recommend taking an automatic if you can. Not that you can't do it but its one less thing to worry about. Its scary enough having the trooper watching your every move, nevermind worrying about double clutching.
  8. GravelyNut

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    Number 1. There is no air brake endorsement. There is only a no air brake restriction. Don't take the test or don't show up with them and you get that restriction on a Class A, B, or C CDL.
    Number 2. Haz Mat endorsement takes more than just a test. And wait till you find out the cost to add the endorsement. You must have an TSA background check to get the endorsement and have to have it done every time the endorsement comes due.
  9. Mdirrigation

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    go for the whole 9 yards , i got my cdl 6 years ago class A every endorsement , in the off season I hire myself out , the best money was driving a bus to atlantic city , tips adveraged 600.00 per trip
  10. Duffster

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    What do you mean you can drive truck up to 26k? :confused:

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