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    I am 31 years old. I am a full-time custodian at a school. A couple months ago I got the burning desire to start a lawn care company on the side (for now). I talked it over with the wife and off we go. From age 10-17 I helped my Dad with his small lawn mowing business. It was a way to earn good money as a teenager. Now I want a real business. I want one that is more professional, and profitable. I live in a city of 30k and feel like the door is wide open for a real professional, well run business in my market. I look forward to meeting and talking to all of you. Check out my site below. It's very simple, but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.
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    Welcome, and nice to hear your getting back into the green industry!
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    I like the website, I wonder if you watched the same tutorial as I did on youtube. I have a question though, how did you get your header so large and the phone number and city in the top right? It's only allowing me one 300x100 pixel image and it seems tiny at the top... I don't think I have enough posts to send you a pm.

    On a side note, this will be my first year full time if all goes to plan, I've been part time on and off for a few years.
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    To get the stuff in the top right of my site, under widgets there is one called top widget. I put in the text there. To be able to edit the text more than the standard lets you I had to get a plugin called Black Studio Tiny MCE. Putting that plugin into any text field lets you edit it more than the standard lets you.

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    I suppose you live far enough away from me. Lol. Site looks good. Simple. One question. Is all you do is mow and go? Reading your services section just describes a basic mowing. If that's all you do fine, but if you do more should list everything thing else you do not just describe one service.
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    1 year 9 months later I have 43 clients and bill out roughly 7k/month. It has been hard work, but the extra money is going towards helping me retire when I have 30 years in working for the school district at age 52. I am finishing out this year working my 40 hour full-time job + 25-30 hours of lawn care. I am extremely busy and always tired. My next big plan is to find 1-2 people to take over the labor for me starting in April. I want other people doing the work so I have time to market and grow the company. I want to finish next year with 60+ clients. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Before the calls came in in 2015 I started with 28 clients. I am now up to 43 clients which was the peak in 2014. If my growth continues like it did last year I should hit 65 clients this year. It has been a stressful, rewarding, overall good journey. I will give another update in several months when I hopefully hit my goal of 65 clients.

    I hired an employee. I am working with him for now. The goal is to make sure he is trained so I can send him off on his own solo. Next year I should be busy enough to need 2 employees, but we will see how things go.
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    Update: I am up to 67 clients. I have 1 full-time employee who does the labor while I am at my full-time job. I do side work after my regular job, and work with my employee on occasion. The way things are I could do this for a long long time. I went through several guys to find the guy that works for me now. It's a relief being able to send someone out every day to take care of things without stressing. I plan to add a second employee next year and spend even more money and time advertising.
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    That's really awesome! I'm just starting out and looking at a similar track. Seems pretty daunting from here; however it's nice to see a success story to fuel the motivation.
  10. Utah Lawn Care

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    I hit 83 clients this year. My most ambitious goal was 65 so I am thrilled. My employee quit with 1 month left in the mowing season because he found other employment that had work for him in the Winter which I didn't. I had my 68 year old dad out mowing with me to finish the season. I project hitting 100-110 clients next year.

    I am in a position where I can legitimately quit my full-time job if that's the course I want to pursue and still take home 70k/year after expenses. Having to pay roughly 20k towards health insurance and deductibles is certainly a concern, but 50k/year and getting 4-5 months off is quite appealing. I feel I could continue to grow the business and eventually have a 3 man crew working full-time. At that point the 50k would be much closer to 90-100k which seems like a pretty promising path. There are some risks in the beginning like getting injured without any other employees being trained, getting sick, or hurting my back... I have had some issues in the past. My wife and I are weighing all the pros and cons and hopefully in the next couple months we will come up with a game plan. Selling the business is also an option, although it's not a thought I really like entertaining after busting my butt the last 3 years.
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