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    If you have a question and don't want to post it. Shoot me a PM. I certainly don't know it all but if I don't I can point you in the right direction for answers.
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    You just got to get used to the jerks asking you that question. You could ask what the forecast is going to be for the next 10 days and somebody's going to ask if you're licensed. for some reason people think once you get your license you know everything. I can tell ya first hand all the test was in Georgia was a gov. test. What date did the epa do this?.... blah blah blah. Just ask questions and weed out the jerk answers and this site can help you a lot
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    we have good luck with tribute,and mso.
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    I was under the impression that this site is a good place to share knowledge. For the old timers, please feel free to share all of your knowledge with me. But of you aren't willing to share anything constructive, then why are you wasting time logging on and bashing people.

    Off my soap box. I do enjoy everyone's take on things. Soaking it all in, and looking it up for more clarification.
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    As for the test in GA its a joke. Bunch of formulas and plant ID/plant parts but for chemical knowledge when I took it was very little. Thanks goodness for lesco and my rep. He trained me but I never stop learning. Celcius with mso kills lots of things not on the label fyi.
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    A test cannot possibly name any of the new patented products without favoring a manufacturer. On the other hand, a test could make sure that people understand calibration and application rates. No, I do not want to know how many ounces per gallon of product unless we are talking about spraying trees or shrubs. Even then, some products have a specific rate per 1000 sq ft even when spraying trees and shrubs.
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    State commerical pesticide applicator programs aren't the end-all-be-all that some guys on this board make them out to be. We all know that we need to hold our particular state's license or certification to operate a business. The point of these licenses or certifications is for your state (under the 1972 FEPCA regulations) to have a method to train and track pesticide applicators in proper methods such that the enviroment, thep ublic at large, and the applicator are properly protected. FEPCA (and amendment to FIFRA) requires states to certify applicators for resitructed-use pesticide applications, but many states extend this to general-use pesticides, as well.

    These state programs were never intended to be competency programs. They're not a badge of honor -- you're not special for passing it. It isn't a measure of broad subject matter knowledge, like a Bar exam or a medical license exam. These programs are focused on safety, proper application, and a small degree of common pest knowledge, with some IPM often bundled in.

    If you think that something should exist akin to a competency program or a subject matter knowledge exam, maybe you're looking for an industry certification program. LCO is very loose on things like this. The Golf Course Superintendents Association has their CGCS program (Certified Golf Course Superintendent) and the Sports Turf Managers Association has the CSFM program (Certified Sports Field Manager). The Crop Science Society of America has the CPAg (Certified Professional Agronomist) and CCA (Certified Crop Advisor) programs. I know that PLANET has a certification program, but it doesn't seem to have much buy-in.

    Is anyone on this board have the PLANET certification?

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