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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site as well as this industry.

    I'm planning on starting up my LAWNCARE business in spring 2004 and this question came to mind......

    CELL PHONE or OFFICE PHONE as your business line?

    Seems most of the time is spent "ON THE ROAD" and office time is minimal.

    Any thoughts on this!

    Thanks and GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!
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    Office phone, unless you want people calling you all during the day, while you're trying to work. I give a lot of my customers my cell #, but only after a while. So they have the feeling of my being available anytime they need me. Rarely rings from a customer. I like being able to get my work done, then come home and review the machine at the house. Nothing worse than being on a job, rain is coming, trimmer needs restinging, and the darn phone rings. "Are you coming today to my house?" "Can I reschedule?" "Does this dress make me look fat?"

    You get the picture.

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    I prefer a cell, phone over an office phone. I like being accesible to my clients. I tell them when I give them my cell number that this is THE number they can call to talk to me but that in all honesty, I wont answer it if you call during the day. I tell them that I check my phone between lawns and generally return phone calls right then or as soon as I can get the time (generally not more than 1 hour) I also tell them that I do not answer my cell phone for customers all day Sunday and after 6:00 on weekdays and ask them to respect this. I log in every customer phone number into my cell phone so I always have it with me if I need to contact them, so when they do call, I know that they called. If they persist in calling during times in which I asked them not to , I confront them about it. It has never been a problem though. I hardly ever get a call after 6 PM and I never everget a call on Sunday unless it is someone wanting a quote.
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    Cell phone with voice mail. I can retrieve messages and return calls while I'm working. I really don't want my customers calling me at home after the day is over.
  6. Island Lawn

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    (and an email address)(If not a website!)

    I understand the idea is to be easy to get in touch with / do business with.
  7. Green in Idaho

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    Cell phone only. Used it as your office phone (and it's portable).

    they can always be left home if you want to be interrupted. One phone is cheaper than two. And a regular phone line is cheaper than a business phone (at least in my area).

    Case in point.

    I wanted an extra line ran to the house for a fax line. $90 to do it on residential, $110 to do it on a business line. SAME HOUSE SAME WORK REQUIRED but the stick me for $20 just because it's business.

    Monthly serivce is more for business. And it seems they always popped me for something extra EVERY month. I asked "Will adding that service be extra?"
    "No" Not at all. Next bill bang, there's the charge. I called and they removed it without any problem- three months in a row for something. I had a long distance charge at 6.am. on one bill. The only time this as is up a 6a.m. is if he's just getting home r going duck hunting and calling Houston is NOT on the agenda.

    I think phone companies (QWest especially) figure most businesses just pay the bill and don't stop to review it. They have you by the bells when you get a land line and tell everyone your number, print it on your cards, material truck everywhere. YOu don't like the service, what are you gonna do???? THey have you.

    I HATE dealing with QWest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But the cell phone companies are WAY more competitive! Free L.D. and many services.

    Starting in Oct a person will be able to switch their land line to a cell line, per a local newspaper article I read last week. Impression I got was it was national due to FCC, but for me that's BIG!

    Yellow pages? I would rather pay an extra $100/mo for an ad than deal with Qwest on a business line. (not that I do though).

    Did I mention that I HATE dealing with QWest????? And that I would rather pay for 3 cell phones than 1 QWest land line!

    BTW welcome the site... :)
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  9. tiedeman

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    both, a land line and also a cell phone
  10. Let it Grow

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    It's all about the cell. I don't answer it if I'm trying to get something done, then I check my messages between jobs. I also use mine as a wireless modem to connect my laptop to the internet. Many of my customers use e-mail, so I can now run my business from anywhere in the country (I have a nationwide long distance plan). So at this point I could travel to Florida, answer
    e-mails, and phone calls from people in my town (It is still a local call for them), sell from my Ebay store, have my employees mow my lawns, while I sit on the beach!!!

    Of course I don't do that yet, but maybe in a few years...the point is that a cell is the way to go...at least for me, and my business.

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