Cell Phones and Lawn Care?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TOSLC, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. TOSLC

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    How many of you carry a cell phone while doing lawn care, and if you do what style or brand have you found that is most durable. I've had a Motorola Startac for about two years now, and just broke it today. Time for a new one! Motorola, if your listening I'd like a Stainless Steel cell phone modeled off the robust design of a Dixie Chopper. As Tim Allen would say, RRR RRR RRR!!!!!!
  2. KirbysLawn

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    I have a Motrolola Nextel i85, tough phone. I have dropped this one several times with no damages, the last one I had I ran over it with the aera-vator, the screen was crunched but the phone still worked and I used it until the replacement came, switched the chip and had a new phone.
  3. BReese

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    I am currently using Nextel's i550...very durable phone...I've done everything short of taking it swimming and it just keeps going. Nextel's service is pretty good, too. I cannot imagine trying to do business without it!:cool:
  4. Commander

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    I carry my cell phone with me in whatever I am driving. If I am walking a property or doing errands or whatever I keep it on me. If I am working on a machine such as a tractor / excavator / bobcat / etc then I put it in the machine. If I am cutting grass, doing any landscaping, or any other grunt work I leave it in the truck. Even though I use a Motorola i700 series (which is the most durable phone out there) I still don't like the idea of it being banged around and whatever. I have had employees in the past who carried their phones on their belts whenever they did anything... I didn't care for this too much, however I never had a problem reaching them.
  5. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino LawnSite Silver Member
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    I carry my phone everyplace i go,when i'm mowing, i carry it in my front pocket,so i canfeel itvibrate,becasue you certainly cant hear it over the Dixie,si this way i dont miss a call,in this day and age i dont know how you could get by without one.
  6. ScotLawn

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    If I'm up and semi awake, my Cell phone is on me or right beside me. I'm on VoiceStream and am using the Nokia 8290. It's very very small, 3/4" thick and 1 1/2" wide and maybe 3 1/2" long. It's very tough with the leather case I have. One plus is it vibrates when it rings so most times I can tell it's ringing when operating equip. Another phone you can't go wrong with is the Nokia 5100/6100 series phones. I've had two of them for 1 year each and always dropped them. I wore out the batteries before I did the phones.

    My cell phone I guess you could say is more important than my keys. I can always call someone for a spare set.

  7. clipfert

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    I use the same ..Motorola StarTAC. I am on my second one. Dropped the first and broke it. I would suggest to get the adddtional insurance to cover broken /stolen phones. If it is stolen you must have a police report. Call em up and the send a new one and send the old one back . Had the second one only a few days and dropped it in the toilet (before it was used) and it still worked!


    I feel the most important issue for cell phones is the service area. Right now I have Verizon and I feel like the guy in the commercial "Can you hear me now?" Too many dead areas where I am. Can any one suggest a good service provider in Eastern PA?:confused:
  8. kerr lawn

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    Nextel the i700 plus
    you can't go wrong with it.
    like everything else, it has its moments but 99 of time it works
    i talk to it nice and then it seems to work again
  9. Same here, a yellow one. If it falls off I can find it no problem.

    Dropped many times.

    Ran over 2 times.

    Thrown a few times.

    Tough phone.
  10. Mark

    Mark LawnSite Senior Member
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    I always carry my cell phone with me im solo and you just never know if something could happen. Ive got the tele-tac 250 Motorola its a field phone and is very tuff,ive banged it droped it on concrete but it keeps on ticking. I buy the prepaid cards two thirty dollar cards last me a season. Marks Mowing Service

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