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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jeffh1988, Nov 12, 2012.

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    I have been through three employees recently and one of my biggest complaints about them is cell phone use. They seem to think its ok to use them whenever they please and I am sick of it. The current guy is in love with his phone and can't put it down constantly text messaging or talking. I actually caught him in the middle of a yard the other day mower cut off, legs crossed, talking on the phone. I was pissed. It looks horrible. I have asked him to leave it in truck and find him going to truck constantly to check it. I have never seen anyone so needy for a phone. I also have a guy who carries a phone who if called only talks for a max of 30 seconds which I don't mind. Anyway I am probably firing the first guy mentioned and finding someone new in the spring. I am looking for solutions for the spring. Considering a tablet for the truck for scheduling and communication next year, also considering a cheap phone for the truck. I am leaning toward a NO cell phones policy and you must leave it in your truck. What are your policies and what are your solutions?
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  3. jeffh1988

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    Really looking for a crew truck solution. I don't work with this crew normally
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    Since you aren't normally with these guys, strap a GPS to their truck. Make note of the times they are at each lawn. You should know within a minute or two how long each lawn or service takes so if they consistently take longer you can bet they are jacking around with phones or something else. Or make the no phones policy clear and spend a day shadowing the crew and pop the first guy you see abusing the policy as an example.
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    Simple, buy a company phone for the truck and before they leave for the day to work they need to leave their phones in the office.
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    A no personal cell phone policy, no exception's, no warning's. I know this is harsh, but you can't compromise on this. There is too much room for abuse for anything less.
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    Business only when on the clock. Personal time is off the clock. If there is an emergency, the boss has the phone. Works wonders for us.
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    Our policy is no phones at all. Each truck that roles out in the morning has a company phone in it so that I can reach them, they can reach me, or they can call a customer if needed. Their families and girlfriends have the company number and can relay the message if needed. If something is going on such as one of their kids have been sick, or a family member is having surgery, then they can tell me and I will allow them to keep the phone in the glove box and check messages every once and a while
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    I had the same issue and looked at every way possible to squeeze more from my crew.

    I put them on commission. They started hustling and they even started firing the slow ones for me. Then they brought better guys to replace them. It was a 180 degree in efficiency.

    If they screwed it up, well I had an answer for that one too. FREEbie. I already paid you to do it right.
    They check each other's work so that they do not have to come back and fix it for free.

    Now you don't have to fire anyone or pay to monitor them. They will police each other and get done quicker in a day.

    My guys mow an extra house on an 11,000 square ft lot every hour.

    They consistently finished early in the day and showed up earlier and on time.
    They called each other and made sure everyone showed up at the same time and took lunches on the run.

    I did not crack the whip on them at all. They did it to each other.
    They loved the pay raise and so do I.:usflag:

    6000 square foot lot pay out
    same as a
    14,000 square foot payout.
    15,000 square foot I pay double.
    My guys make $15 per hour easy.

    3man crew
    Driver $3.00
    Helper $2.75
    Helper $2.75

    2man crew
    Driver $4.43
    Helper $4.07
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    Notice no matter the number in the truck I only pay $8.50 and leave it up to the driver as to how many helpers he wants to hire.

    He must complete his route or he is fired after too many failures.
    Has not been a problem though.

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