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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jeffh1988, Nov 12, 2012.

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    What are those numbers next to crews. Is that what you pay per yard?
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    I have one who is so bad with his god damn I phone there is no salvaging him. Hes fired and will not be coming back next season despite his present delusions. There should be middle ground with the phones but there isn't they take wasting your time to the extremes. I put up with it all Fall knowing it was too late to make a personnel change. But words can't describe how pissed I was every time I look over to where he was with his blower and he would be either talking or texting or doing something with his awful taste in music. And were talking dozens of times a day a good hundred times a week and no mater what was said none of it got through the crap in his ears cause he did as he pleased.

    Next season I will be laying the law down on any and all new employees the cell phones stay in their cars. I seem to have been to nice and when I tried to correct the problem I got yessed to death and nothing changed.
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    Nothing pisses me off worse than to get yessed to death, then to have them just do whatever they want, it's total disrespect, put it in the handbook, highlight it and tell them to read it very closely. Then when they get caught terminate them, it won't take but one for the rest to get the message.
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    Wow, I didn't realize so many had policies of no phones. To me it all comes down to production. The crew has a schedule and quota to be done each day. If they don't get it done there is a problem. And you can bet the guy(s) on the crew working the hardest will explain that the problems is "so and so" on the phone all the time. If there are complaints or production is reduced then something needs to be addressed - if they are getting done what they are supposed to, then it's ok. That's my take. I know what you mean tho - one of my guys is not invited back for the same reason this spring - should have known better than to hire a friend..lol

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    I'm not too harsh on the cell phones as long at the work is getting done in a timely manor. I have told the guys that i better not see them on their cell phones on a regular basis when i show up to the properties etc.. if they start abusing the cell phone we will then require them leave it at the shop. We do have a policy that the drives not talk on their phone while driving!
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    I understand the commision / piecemeal deal but I think you still have to pay above minimum wage based on hours. Granted, they should be making far more than that if you have set up the rates correctly. The question I have for you guys is how do you track it for records if the Work Force Commision checks on you.
  7. cpllawncare

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    It's a lot easier if you start out as a hardass and once you see they are getting the work done you can back off a lil, but to start out as a easygoing kind of guy they will quickly pick up on it and take advatage, I've only got two guys generaly and I have to show my tale sometimes when they start slacking off, the more guys you have the more you have to really stay business minded around them. It's hard for me sometimes cause I like to have fun too but the work HAS to come first.
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    Overtime as well.
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    I happen to have GPS in my truck showing stops per hour. Plus my guys are all contract labor. They make like $15/ hr if you look at their commissions per stop. We do small city residential.
    They pump out stops like mad.
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    What is contract labor?

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