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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ronslawncare, Feb 15, 2003.

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    i bought 2 world com phones last year one for me and one for my girl.both phones were for 1 year service each phones plan was $420.00 /35.00 a month.first 3 months i never recived a bill, i kept calling them saying whats going on i never got one bill from you guys ,they tell me there billing cycle all mess up .so three more months go bye each new month they send me a apology note there billing screwed up but not to worry we keep track of everything .the sixth month mine and my girls bill both of them were $230.00 each ,i figured maybe i went over my minutes i never new because of only statements i got was appology notices.ok so instead of sending them 460.00 i send them in 350.00 figuring i just keep doubling the monthly fees, well they shut my phone and my girls phone off plus wanted a 100.00 re activation fee each phone so i said screw that,i called them up and said how can you do that you never send me a bill for 6 months they stould firm on the 2 100 activation fees . when i was going to reactivate the phone they told my balance plus two now i had two late fees for not paying in full and my 200.00 activation fee.i hung up on them never reactivated the the phone paid both bills off in full that day with a very nice note:D any way the point 2 this drag on thread is anyone evey use trac fone pre paid phones .are they only outgoing phones how do they work ,will i need to buy a beeper to be reached they call back on the pre-paid well any info would be great ronnie
  2. ronslawncare

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    no one has a pre paid phone i assuming there crap then.if someone does please reply thanx ronnie
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    If I recall correctly the one that I had you would buy the minutes and they would be used up on both incoming and out going calls. When you start to run low on minutes you buy another card then call the number on the card and the minutes are added to your phone. I found it to be more of a hassle using one because I would always run out of minutes mid-day and not be able to use the phone until the evening. Missed a ton of important calls because of this. I ended up giving to my brother in-law.

    I would say the way to go these days is Nextel. I have used one while I was on a large startup project. The two way radio feature was a huge help. They just came out with a new plan that cost 50-60 a month that all of your incoming calls and two way calls are free. Since I usually only get calls coming this option would work great for me. I am going to get two one for me and one for my administrative assistant(aka Wife) If I get a crew together I would probably give one to the Foreman that way we can always be in touch.

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    I 2nd the Nextel vote!!!!
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    have had nextel for 5 years now...Ive got 4 phones on the account and i couldnt be happier. for the amount of abuse we put these things through they have hel up very well. I just traded in my I85 for a I58 and so far im liking it alot. ive just about had every phone nextel has offered
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    The Nextel RULES. I can't wait when they make the direct connect nationwide that will be sweet!!!!!!:D :blob1:
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    I would not use the prepay deals they are really expensive. My sister had one and you could never get up with her because he had to keep it turned off to save her minutes.

    I got sprint pcs It is the best company I have ever had. We don't have nextel, but I've only heard good things about them.
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    Yes, nextel here also. The idea is great, but in my area I would say the service isn't all that. We have alot of "underwater" conversations if you use nextel you should know what I mean. Rumor has it that Verizon is coming out with their "two-way" this summer. I will probably check it out. If that is the case, nextel is going to be giving stuff away. Guess it will end up being good for both services in the end.
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    Nextel here also. It beats have a phone, pager, and two ways in the trucks. This way you only have to charge one phone and the trucks aren't dead in the morning from someone leaving the radios on.

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