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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ronslawncare, Feb 15, 2003.

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    I bought a tracphone for my teenage son. Since its prepaid, I don't have to worry about receiving a huge bill for airtime. Myself I use Verizon, around here it has by far the best coverage. Since it's just me I don't need Nextel, but we use them in the fire department and I have also used them when I used to drive for a construction company, and they work very well. Tracphone is way too expensive for business use.
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    I also agree, the trac phone is way too expensive for a business phone. I would say to get you a phone with a plan. Get the amount of minutes you think you will need. You could always change the plan to more minutes as you need them.
    For your daughter, get her the trac phone,that would be the best.
  3. ronslawncare

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    thanx for all the replys guys im going check out nextell plan actually today all my buddys were talking me into it at the gym today ,if i put the phone under my business name is it considered a write off .ill be seeing my cpa soon i have alot of questions to ask him..
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    I HAD a verizon and their service SUCKS. I don't have a nextel but, the only things I have heard about them was good. I currently have a t-mobil and the rates are really good compared to the verizon rates. I also have to add NEVER get a prepaid they will kill you with the rates. (.15-.79min) Just go with a different company to get better rates and never go back to that crap company. I have had great customer service with t-mobil and that's why I have had them and dropped verizon. I just say go with the best customer service. I would rather pay $30- more a month and get treated better than pay $60- for a bill that should have been $30- (verizon)
    good luck.:)
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  6. jslawncare

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    I like sprints coverage area...
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    Ive been using cingular for a few years and have unlimited talk between the 2 phones works great for me
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    i'm a nextel fan.
  9. PCI

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    i got and use ATT.... but will be switching to NEXTEL:cool:
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    I have local service here. It includes text messaging, voice mail, caller id, and e-mail, for $39.99 per month.

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