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Cell Tower Sites

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Anybody ever had a contract to maintain remote tower sites?

I have been asked about some here in VA but I don't know if there is any money to be made...:(
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what do you mean by you have been asked, but you don't know whether there is any money in them? Did someone that owns them ask you about them? Or was someone just talking that it could be a possibility?

Because YOU decide whether there is a profit in them or not.
If there is grass. My Dad just had one put up, all crushed limestone, not a blade of grass.

However, the guy I bought most of my accounts off of use to to a few TV towers. I think they were like $40?
I work in the cell tower business. Like Phishook said most cell tower compounds are all gravel, no grass. If you can find a cell tower owner to give you a contract for that you'll make tons of money.:D
All I know is that a LCO friend here gave me two 4 figure mowing accounts 2 years ago when he got a contract to bush hog all the cell towers for a major player.
He bought a 60HP tractor (new) and travels in a 3 state area once a month.
Sounds like there is some money in it, ya think?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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