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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by bigviclbi, Jun 12, 2005.

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    How many of you guys give customers your cell, do you have different cells for home and office, how do you deal with the incessant calls? I am busy beyond expectations and having customers calling me all day is seriously irritating. I get calls 7 days a week up until 10:00 at night. I am in an area w/vacation homes so I have to make myself available on weekends, but I am going to have to cut out estimates on sundays soon just to catch up. Also I find I am having alot of trouble getting estimates done in a few days from the time we meet, is saying I will have an estimate done in about 10 days acceptable or competitive? I would rather be too busy than slow but could use some advice to keep my head from falling off. :dizzy: :dizzy:
  2. laborador

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    I do not think you realize how many people in this business wishes they had your problem. I say just be happy that your phone is ringing off the hook instead of not ringing.
  3. kootoomootoo

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    Rather simple...first line out of my mouth this past 2 months is "we start at $5000" ...even to pull a few bushes....weeds out all the price shoppers, the endless hours wasted running pointless estimates and we are still booked out for the next 4-6 weeks.

    +++Just got home 10 mins ago...spent 2 hours drinking beer with a new install customer ...upsold about 5 grand (landscape lighting etc) in 2 hours. The best customers/potential sales are the ones you already have have.
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    Sure beats running all over town to satify the tire kickers payup
  5. kris

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    You do what you have to do but personally my cell is off from 730pm until 5 am. and all day Sundays.
    Usually people wait longer than 2 weeks to see a designer, let alone get the estimate ...of course there is always some exceptions made with long term clients.
    You have to draw a line for your own personal mental health...you can't be everything to everyone.
  6. ECS

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    Cell phone is on 7/24. That is the only phone I use and they all have my #. I have never beeen called past 5:00. I have been called at 6:30 AM, and that was due to my customer forgetting about the time difference between Florida and Wyoming. My customers never call me at night or on weekends, at least so far they haven't. My phone has to stay on for the business as I also caretake and it needs to be on if the alarm company calls.
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    ECS your site has a virus on it.

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