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Celsius Herbicide

Turf Dawg

LawnSite Gold Member
I do not think it has actually hit the shelves yet. We are waiting on the state here in Texas. Heard it should be registered and on the shelves in May here. Sounds like it will be great for our warm season grasses.

Think Green

LawnSite Silver Member
Chemical Name Percentage of A. I.
3,6-Dichloro-o-anisic acid 57.4 %
4-Iodo-2-????(4-methoxy-6-methyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl-)aminoUcarbonylUaminoUsulfonylUbenzoic acid methyl ester, monosodium salt 1.9%
Thiencarbazone-methyl 8.7%

Turf Dawg

LawnSite Gold Member
Havn't heard about this product.. what makes it notable?
It is for warm area grasses. It should be good for us with St Augustine because we can use it in higher temps and it listed to control many types of weeds. If it works, it is labeled to be mixed with Revolver to control Dallis grass in St Augustine, which is something we have never had [to my knowledge]


LawnSite Member
Picking up a bottle tomorrow, I want to check it on a few areas before buying it by the case. Hopefully this one will live up to the hype.