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Do any of you guys cut cemetaries? If so how do you figure out how much to charge? I think it would be a good place to cut. Any experiences will be greatly appreicated. Thanks.<p>----------<br>Steven R. Knapp<br>


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I dread doing cemetaries.Too much like
hard work.It really takes alot to trim the
stones uniformly so it looks like it should.
there is probably some better at this than I.

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Last year we took care of 6 of them. There really not that bad of a deal. We picked these up because we had some openings we needed to fill and will bid on them again this year. Just remember that the everything will take more time including mowing since you have to watch out more and try to get as close as possible to help on the trimming. Also on the hot days do all of the trimming in the morning and mow in the afternoon (common sense). If you can when the temp is cooler mow first and trim last. Reason being you can usually blow off most of the stones with the trimmers and you don't have to go over the same area twice. After a time or two you will be familar with what areas the mowers can and can't get. Hope this helps if you need anything else just email me.


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Alot of people in my area avoid mowing cemeteries, but I've taken on several in the past few years..The ones that I do pay pretty good...They do take more time but I think they're worth the effort...Somebody needs to take care of them...Derrick


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Dont people get upset when they see you blasting their dearly departed loved ones markers with clippings. I would have thought that the association would have requested mulching decks to avoid this??

Just curious,


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I've got the chance to do a small one this year.the other guy was doing it for 40bucks .but he is retired.i have second thoughts about it .it is like at the top of the street where i live .i could ride my walk behind to the place an do it but .never done one b-4 what do you guys think?


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I don't think 40 bucks is near enough for doing a cemetary.
Or did you mean to type 400 bucks? Or 40 bucks an hour?

You say it's small, but I can't see how it would be worth it for you.
Heck, for 40 bucks, you might as well find a residental account to pick up for $40.00 and save yourself the hassles
of the cemetary.


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Wow, this is an old thread. It was started over a year ago and the last response before today was January 12, 2000, so I am going to delete the first 2 or 3 posts since the old Hall Of Forum achives isn't around anymore. Those posts won't make much sense to new members.


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Eric, I hope my story of voluntary work on a cemetery wasn't in with the ones that were deleted. I thought that was a pretty good post. However, it may not have even been in this thread.


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Stock up on lots of trimmer line and extra spools already wound in the truck!! And make sure you have some back-ups!! Thats really the key to most cemateries.

Good Luck!