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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JD GROUND SERVICE LLC, Dec 19, 2006.


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    I might have a opportunity to bid on a cemetary but need some advice on how to figure the price for 48 acres. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Oldtimer

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    Get someone to assist you with writing a business plan for starters.

    Your bid must be based on your cost to do the job. If you don't know what it will cost you to do the job then you don't know enough about your business to bid the job.

  3. Flex-Deck

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    Is it all stones, or is some open - Are the Stones in neat rows, or scattered - Is the terrain flat - There will be a cemetary for bid here, and it has 18 acres of neatly rowed stones on 15' and 18' centers (I will bid those acres at $90 per acre). It also has 8 acres open - ($30 per acre) - Will hire a high school kid to trim.
    Total $1860
  4. cemeterymower

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    Been in the business for 13 years , Cemeteries are a different kind of business . You must really think about the cost, say a high school student hits a exspensive stone? Insurance company wont hang with you long. Stones can go into the thousands. I think you can manage the cemetery with just yourself and one other person(48 acres with stones to trim around) , and that person would have to be very reliable and mature. Good luck with the bid . I have enjoyed my job at the cemeteries I care for and have done ok. I recommend using top of the line equipment with warranties and a dealer who will step up and take care of you in case of break down. One other thing , remember the holidays, everybody wants it nice for them. Schedule accordingly

    Once again
    Good Luck

  5. meets1

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    We bid a 25 acre one at $22,000 / year - missed big time. Winning bid - $10,000. HAVE IT & ENJOY
  6. LindblomRJ

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    Ouch! I would like to maintain a couple around here, not to terrible big 20 acres at the most. I highly doubt the board or county would be able to afford me.

    I think I will still with installing gravestones.

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    Stay Away We Do A Small One About 3 Acres No Open Areas And Stones All Over The Place. Plus They Only Want It Done If I'am Lucky Twice A Month.

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    We were figuring around 45. to 55. per acre. The property will be mowed 23 times for the season.
  9. Lawn Enforcer

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    I mow a cemetery that is about 2 acres, 2/3 of it is crooked, winding stones. I do it cheap because it's my church. Word to the wise: Don't under bid!
  10. ground works

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    We do 22 township cemetarys. The hardest thing when started bidding was the price. Some of them are paying good but some we had to pass on because the price was to low. On most of them we have two guys doing them and we get around 100 a hour. The biggest one we have takes 4 guys 8 to 9 hours to do. the townships around here have us mow 2 times a month. We have found out that every blade of grass better be cut and the stones all need to be blow off, if you don't you have more than one person calling you.

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