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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MowinMachine, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. MowinMachine

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    Ok I looked at a couple cemetaries on saterday about bidding on and they do a little different operation than what i herd is normal. They want me to give them a price per hour. The cemetary is 13 acres .
    What would you guys charge for an hourly rate on cemetaries?

    There are a couple other cemetaries that want a yearly bid. would you bid these by how many acres are there? I herd for cemetaries a average bid is 1 thousand per acre per year.

    Any advice would help. Thanks
  2. MowinMachine

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    I would be mowing with a Exmark 23hp 52". and would you have an idea how long it would take to mow and trim an acre in a cemetary. It is nicely spaced. I was guessing with my equipment probly 20 hours for the 13 acres with my equipment. The guy who did it last year bid it at $15 a hour, but i dk how he got by on that. i was thinking probly from $23 to $25 per hour.
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    well, we have a cemetery we do here. its about 10 acres. takes 4 of us 5 hours to complete. we charge $550. it takes our guys about the same time to trim as it does cut. don't know if this helps you are not. i guess that averages out to 55 per acre. just find a price that sits well with you and go for it. if they accept then excellent. if not, cemeteries kinda suck to cut anyway... my 2 cents.
  4. Cutters Lawn Care

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    $15 an hour. You're kidding right. If that's the case run like the wind.
  5. Smithers

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    cutters is right. i dont do cemeteries....but you'd be watched like a hawk to see if you are slacking.

    i would never charge per hour. i'd try to charge by the job. i cut a 4 acre lot, rough cut, no trimming or edging. it takes me 1:45 and get $125 for it. they are friends, cut it every two weeks in the summer.

    it you charge $20 per hour you better have very low overhead....watch out, IMO.
  6. MowinMachine

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    yea i agree i am a rookie and all but i tryed figuring it up and i cant see how that guy even came out even on $15 an hour And i dont perfer bidding per hour rather do it by the job but that is how they have it set up for some reason. THANKS
  7. Smithers

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    let us know if there are any other questions.

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    you cant make money mowing per hr imo. i used to do some cem and we trimmed half one week and half the next week. worked out great. the other thing you have to take into consideration is that what if there is a burial when you go to cut or when you already cutting. they are gonna want you to stop. so i would incorperate that into your price too.
  9. geoscaper

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    Also, are the headstones above ground, or flush with the ground. I've cut at both types. There is a lot more trimming on raised monuments, and more time mowing.
  10. Flex-Deck

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    Every cemetary is different, but in one respect they are all the same!!!!
    1. I would charge at least 5 times the normal per acre rate, because it takes at least 5 times as long to mow and trim all those stones.

    Here is my personal experience as to times to mow an acre of normal, and an acre of cemetary!!!

    I have an exact one acre cemetary at our church - 300 stones - raised type with the cement pad under the stones. - takes 45 min. to mow and 45 min to trim. (Only have to trim every 2nd or 3rd time) but it still takes the time.

    I have a two acre yard that takes 32 minutes to mow and trim.

    I have a 5 acre yard that takes 67 minutes to mow and trim.

    I guess what I am saying that in normal situations an acre takes 12-15 minutes, and cemetaries take about 60 minutes + backbreaking long term trimming. Thanks Brad

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