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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thartz, Apr 14, 2003.

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    Need to ask you guys who mow the cemetaries if you include any out of the norm clauses in your contracts?I've decided to add a clause about flower damage so I won't end up with a bunch of people blaming me for whacking down Aunt Maggie's easter lilly even though her family didn't put it in the vase but left it on the ground in front of her grave marker.This is my first cementary mow so any advice is welcome.BTW you guys that mow these;ever get the hairs on your neck raising up when your alone near dusk in the gravesights?Keep thinking of the Bruce Willis movie when the kid says " I see dead people".I think "I mow dead people".Not trying to offend.
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    we do one. Once got stuck in a new grave site. I was mowing around it and the side caved in. It was very wet. We had to pull out the mower and try to cover the rut. I felt real bad about that one. A few times while trimming around head stones I swear that I saw feet running past me but when I looked up no one was there.
    As for the flowers go, try and be careful but if ya get on than ya get one. Just don't leave it chopped up and messy. Clean it up out of respect for the living and dead. Our cemetary has posted rules of no flowers during mowing season so if anyone wants to complain about hitting a flower here or there I will point to the sign and tell them to read it.
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    most cemetaries require the flowers be attached to the headstone not just stuck in the ground or laying on the ground so dont worry about cutting them down cause they shouldnt be there .

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