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  1. slowleak

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    i have the opertunity to bid a property of last resort. 41/2 acres 50 headstones. so a cut and trim. an old,old man called me last night .he said the last guy that did it for 75$every two wks. had hurt his back:p yeah. i've got that 60 in gravely so would make fast work of it. my question.are these type propertys good for referal's? or would the response be sort of lifeless. ? thanks kevin p.s. this is a real bid.
  2. A1 Lawn@Landscapes

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    Cemetaries are not the easiest work around for sure. Depressing at times. Get ready for complaints though. It is just like a condo where you have many customers to please at once. Bid it high. It always turns out to be more work than it appears.
  3. IBGreen

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    $75:dizzy: That old man had better be ready to fork up some dough. $75 won't get me on a cemetary, thats a lot of trimming.
  4. Gravely_Man

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    That is a lot of trimming work not just around the headstones but also around the fence. I would talk with Runner has he has done some cemeteries as I remember.

  5. DanG

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    4 1/2 acres for $75.00?
    I wouldn't even touch it if it was just a big flat lawn for that low of amount.

    I just gave up two of mine because they didn't want to pay the going rate.(And i'm one of the cheapest around here too)

  6. Doc Pete

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    No mower will make fast work in a Cemetery. The problem is the graves are always sinking and/or uneven. It's a bumpy ride and you have to mow slower than normal. It's nothing like a smooth homeowner lawn. The 50 stones is nothing to trim. Give yourself 10 seconds a stones for insurance, so you've got about 15 minutes for trimming them. However, that 4.5 acres. That's about at least $60/acre.
  7. slowleak

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    i have come to the conclusion that 300 every 2 wks is a good price for all the un-dead relatives driving by(its right on the main road) and criticing it.this bid will probably result in the demise of ole' bob. but ......whatever. theres plenty of space left::p thanks guys for all your input. kevin
  8. slowleak

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    well i talked to the main"trustie". told him about myself,my business,my GOD did he freak when i told him 295.00.i think their living in the 70's .he came back with 100.00.!! i told him i might consider weedeating his head-stones:D for that price ......oh well. said how could a bunch of old poor people on medicad afford such a fee. i bet everyone of them trustees are loaded.
  9. Doc Pete

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    They may come around when they get other estimates. Also, as in my church there are less and less volunters. It's only a matter of time until they won't be able to session, deacon or trustee members to mow the lawn............
  10. Talk to cantoo about this if i remember correctly he has one of 2.
    As for old people, don`t get me started, we don`t have scrubs around here we have these old farts that will bid commercial properties at under $20 hr:rolleyes: :angry: they just do it for something to do , I don`t even think they have insurence, a scrub is one thing he`s aleast tryin to support himself in some way but these old guys do it because they want some thing to do. how are people who arn`t collecting a pension supposed to make any money?

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