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    I am thinking of bidding cemetaries 5 small ones to be exact. are there any useful tips to estimating and bidding them.. The township that is letting them out for bids wants the contractor that is mowing them to be responsible for the timing on when they will be mowed, ( that scares me a little ) There are also two town halls, a memorial park and another municipal building involved... any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated
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    I used to figure for every hour mowing there was an hour triming based on when I was using my 2 hustlers(251K's) with 51" cut.

    When I went to the Z-masters(52"62" & 72") the mowing time decreased but the trimming time is still the same.

    Try to get them to go with trimming every other mowing which is what I did based on mowing them every week.

    Unless you have a rear discharge machine you should plan on mowing them every week otherwise you end up with grass all over the stones.

    Most of the ones I did/do are older and have a ton of trimming because pretty much every stone is above ground and not set into it(which would save you time trimming).

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    Ya , run from them.
  4. turfman59

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    It is an older group of cemetery's, the only reason I am bidding them is because of the town halls and other municipal locations that require maintananc that go along with the accounts,,,at least its a start.... I was just wondering about quick processes to doing them and what is the typical time for cutting per hour per acre of stones ??? Maybe the Bush hog boy can help me.
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    I'd figure it would take 45-60min, but it depends on how crowded it is.
  6. cantoo

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    The one we do is about 3 plus acres. We are allowed to use roundup to reduce trimming around the actual stones. We have to string trim around some stones because there isn't room for the mower between them. We sometimes only trim these every other cut. We cut as needed but only get paid for 10 cuts so we time them out. My wife normally cuts it by herself and on the odd cuts I string trim while she cuts. We use a Mtd Pro Z 54" on the open area and a Walker 48" GHS on the rest the Walker saves us from having to sweep or blow the stones off. It takes her about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to cut it. String trimming takes almost as much time.

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