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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FiNaL, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. FiNaL

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    hey i was just wondering if anyone could help me with the price on this cemetery bid. The cemetery is under 1 acre and has about 12 trees,47 rows of head stones,over 1,000 head stones and mostly light hills. I have til the 30th to bid on it. The people who did it in the pass were a older couple and it took them about a hour and a half to trim and mow the whole thing. So it would need to be trimmed and mowed like 2 or 3 times a month and when big events happen there. This is my first cemetery bid and i would really like to land this. and it will be 2 people doing the work. So what would a go price range be for this? any help would be great. thanks Also i was wondering how do you find the acres for a property? thanks for any help
  2. FiNaL

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    so does any one got a good idea of a price range i should shoot for? Also i was wondering what do you all think about Price matching?
  3. ludwiglawncare

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    I think you should determine what you want to make and not let the previous couple dictate what you are going to charge. If you are only mowing it two or three times a month I feel it could get a little messy in the spring depending upon the health of the turf. I would base it on what you normally charge for a property of that size and then AT LEAST double it considering the amount of trim. Another consideration is what type of mower will you be able to fit in between the stones? Good Luck, I hope you get it !!
  4. ludwiglawncare

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    Sorry I did not answer your question about the size. You could access that information through 1. public record or 2. measuring
  5. FiNaL

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    hey thanks for your input the rows are pretty much all in a straight row so mowing right up and down them 2 times in each row should work. I'm hoping that the church won't look at the older couples price and be like this new couple want alot more that was my think because the old couple were i guess senior citizens and just used there home lawn mower to do it. But i am just going to factor in all my costs and then maybe do what you said and then give them my estimate. From reading other posts on here it seems like mowing a grave yard is hell but i live right next to one and have seen it done so many times i know the grave beside my house it takes them like 3 days almost to do trimming with 2 guys. And about finding the acreage I did some measuring with my measuring wheel but i wasn't sure how to convert it to acres my girlfriend did the converting part but it just doesn't seem right so i was wondering how you convert normal feet into finding the acre size? again thanks for your input i will let ya know if i get it or not.
  6. J Hageman

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    I mow a cemetery. About1/2of your time will be spend on it will be for trimming and c lean up. I would measure and charge by sq. ft. X 2.
  7. LynyrdSkynyrd

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    I have some kin folk in East Liverpool.

    I care for three cemetery's. One takes three to four hours to do. It pays $650.00 a month. Plus it is an "on call" deal I have to mow it before a funeral. The other takes two whole days to get done. It pays $900.00 pre month. It gets mowed every two weeks.

    I bid and got another last week that will take aprox. 5 to 6 hours to mow the first time and about 2 1/2 hours after with a push mower. It was not taken care of properly by the guy who did it last year (he did not even own a trimmer). So it will take some work to get it back into shape. And will be mowed every two weeks. My bid of $250 per month was not the lowest bidder. But I got the job with the help of a lot of word of mouth advertising. I am willing to lose a few dollors to do get a job in shape the first time. For it makes my job easier in the long run.

    One acre with a 1000+ head stones will take some time to do.
    9 hours at $35.00 per hour = $315

    If it were me I would bid somewhere between $325 to 350.
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    Run away!
    Run away as fast as you can!


    If you realy need the account im with ludwig.
  9. ludwiglawncare

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  10. ludwiglawncare

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    if not do a search on ask.com and there is a conversion tool that may help

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