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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cormierlawn, Jan 27, 2002.

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    Ok, trick question! How in the world do you bid a Cemetery? This is the most complicated bid I have ever come across. We take the time to mow around all graves, take the time to trim all graves, take the time to blow off all graves and edge sidewalks. Now, from what I hear it is the families responsibility for the upkeep around the plot. If that was the case, then the Cemetery would be a mess and would not be kept up by family members. Unsure but I know I am loosing money on this one. for 1 year now. But I have mention to the priest that I would like to rebid the property, just don't know how.
    Thanks for anything you give me..
  2. Well since you do know how long it takes to do each task, resubmit a bid for the time it takes plus a few extra dollars for the fudge factor, and if they don't take it then you won't loose money anymore.

    Tell them that you that you had gone over your numbers and need to submit a new bid, unless your under contract now, then they have no choice then to let you resubmit.

    Otherwise I hope there is an out for you, then suggest you take it.

    Make sure you specify that you will not do this place anymore to not make a profit either way.

    Use your own words, as this is an idea for you to go by.
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    I have 2 cemeteries within 1 mile of my operation
    been doing them 5 yr.not much profit
    started using growth regulator around stones
    to cut down trimming. I can see more profit just not much. I think it's the nature of small church
    owned cemetery not to be your favorite.
    If these weren't so close and part of our church
    I would'nt do them.

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    A lot of people are dying to get into cemetaries. Personally, I would not want to do them at all. I used to treat several cemetaries and that was bad(though I used a ride-on unit),but I can't imagine all the trimming and blowing that you must do.:(

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