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    I'm taking on a cemetery job. need a few pointers from someone who already does these. The one I am getting is approximately 6-acreas. Will be payin year round. I will wait on responses!!!!!!!!
  2. awm

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    hope u getting good money,if it anything like the one i had,,,for yrs.. the trim around the gravestones , was a timetaking ,tiresome job...
  3. tiedeman

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    I personally would never take on a cemetary job
  4. Randy

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    Good luck they are lots of work. The one I do there is 110 stones flowers on all most all of them & more stones showing up all the time. The mowing is not bad takes two days. It's about 20 achers & lots of hills. Lots of open areas with no stones yet. The trimming is the time taker. Take the flowers off trim put them back. It can be a lot of work for two men but it pays & some ones got to do it. :dizzy: :eek:
  5. Doc Pete

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    I have two Cemeteries.........Just my opinon, buy this weekwacker. WHY"? The bent shaft lets you stand in one place and trim lower stones without having to walk around them. This saves a ton a walking and time. Also, it is commerical rated, and about the lightest machine in that catagory.


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    are they tall gravestones or the short ones u can hardly see in the tall grass? did a cleanup for a church with low gravestones
    didn't see a row of them and pushed them all in a nice neat pile.
    hope i put them back in the right order. hope u have better luck.
  7. FiNaL

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    hey TALLEY-HOE So how did you get the cemetery job? I was just wondering because i would love to land one of those. Since there is a ton around where i live.
  8. lawnman20

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    we cut a good size cemetery i use Protrim form Lesco to spray aroung the head stones it last about 8 week then you have to trim them and spray again it stop the groth of the grass but does not kill the grass or change the color of the grass

  9. A1 Lawn@Landscapes

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    I currently mow 5 of them. It is kind of neat where some of the stones are from the 1700's and tell a story about the persons life. It is sad where you see recent stones that are for young children. One says on it " 17 forever ". Overall it depends on the condition and grade of the turf. Some of the older graves, before cement vaults, have sunken down about a foot. Get ready for a ton of trimming. I am ready to trade in my belt drive w/b for a hydro. My forearms still hurt from today. Switchless is right about the curved shaft on smaller stones. Light weight and less walking.
  10. 44toy

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    and got burnt, talked about, lied to, and gave bad referals. took two people with 38" murray riders, 21" push mowers, and trimmers about 6-7 hours to do complete job right. pay was a whopping $150.00 cash, about 7 years ago. think twice before you sign on to do it.

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