centipede burn, cold shock, what happened

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, May 13, 2013.

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    This is a centipede lawn I have cared for the last year or so. It was treated on 4/26 with msm at .5 oz per acre and 14-0-14 with 2% fe at .5 lb N.

    The lawn has some yellow spots on it now and I can't tell if its herbicide or fertilizer burn. There is no pattern or spray streak from a zspray pass. I've used msm the last few years with no major burn problems.

    The weather has been a roller coaster. We've had some 80 degree days to promote green up and some upper 30 degree nights. I've fertilized all my warm season as of may 12 and some still show signs of dormant grass.

    I'm attaching pictures from a cell phone. They aren't the best with the angle of the sun.

    Any idea what happened or what I can do to fix it?



  2. WestGaPineStraw

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    We are having the exact same problems on our centipedes. We do not use any 24d on anything. I think it's a fungus attacking them. Not sure though.
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  3. ted putnam

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    Looks like yellowing from the metsulfuron to me. I write on all invoices that there will be temporary discoloration where weeds were sprayed. That is the kind of discoloration I see only not quite that bad. Try backing off the rates and/or make sure you keep up with whats already done and be sure not to double spray areas. Looks like someone was a little heavy handed to me. JMO
  4. grassmasterswilson

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    That's about all I could think of. I assume everything will be fine? How should I advise the customer? Can he do anything as far as mowing or irrigation to help it recover?

    I always get tricked up this time of year cause many of my centipede lawns need treating but I want to use Celsius later in the year due to heat. Haven't really found a good centipede product for early season treatments.
  5. Nate'sLawnCare

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    I was cautioned against using metsulfuron on centipede technically "in-transition" and used Celsius recently with good results. It's just been a crazy spring for us here and everything is a month behind.
  6. ted putnam

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    The 2% iron in your fert blend will help some. Under normal growing conditions, the yellowing would be gone in a couple of weeks and a couple of mowings. It sounds as if you are like us at this point and temps/growing conditions are not normal. It could take a little longer. I would not apply anything except the possibility of additional iron. Additional fert could cause a major flare up in a fungus outbreak once temps reach the mid to upper 80's. Saturating the area could have the same type effect.

    I would just let the customer know that the discoloration is only temporary and a little time and some warmer weather will fix the problem. The grass will be green again and the weeds will be gone.

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    99% of the properties we do are St Augustine grass but I do one property that is 5.5 acres of centipede residential lawn all planted by sod. I get great results for broadleaf control using metsulfuron methyl at .25oz per acre. Its a little slow but i dont worry about it harming the centipede. I also incorporate ferrous sulfate and minor element package along with metsulfuron in a full blanket treatment. I apply at 3 gallon per thousand, not a low volume spray.
    Also i am working to lower the ph of the soil on this property by applying elemental sulfur. It started as 7.0 and after one year and 3000#s later it is a 6.5. Still a ways to go..
    Good luck with your property. Im glad I dont have more Centipede to deal with.
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  8. ArTurf

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    Here's my guess but with the weather and the grass not fully out of dormancy the centipede could not process the MSM. .50 is also the high end rate for centipede. Make sure the customer is watering properly and I would stay off the weak areas with the mowers since the traffic will only hurt recovery.
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