Centipede Fertilizer program.....I'm unsure what to use

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by andyslawncare, Feb 22, 2008.

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    I'm aiming to get alot of new fertilizer/weed control clients this year. I'm pretty new to this area...:confused:I have a few clients with centipede lawns. I've read alot about it on the internet and see a few differrnet things to do to it. I need to control weeds and fertilize all year. what should I do? I'm looking for product names and when to apply. Thanks alot for the help.
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    Hummmmmmmmmmmm: Big Big subject. Centipede only requires l lb./K/yr. Dimension .21 plus fertilizer two weeks after greenup or splint the application of Dimension 0-0-7 now and two weeks after greenup Dimension with fertilizer. Pick fertilizer based on amount of Nitrogen needed with no or low Phosphrous and ample Potash to give you .5lbN/K. This will extend your weed preventive till about August Another application of fertilizer without out pre-em about then will take care of most lawn. Of course, some weeds like, dollarweed, green kylinga, yellow and purple sedge, and dallasgrass are big problems if you let them get out of hand. All of which need special herbicides. Dimension will get most of the crabgrass. READ THE LABEL AND APPLY ACCORDINGLY!!!!!
    Centipede is not a green grass but rather yellow green and too much Nitrogen will turn it yellow in a heartbeat. A lot of "Old Folks" say it "Don't Need Fertilize"
    I would strongly recommend that a soil test for each yard be taken and apply fertilize according to analysis.

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