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    Hi. I live in S. Arkansas and have approximately 4 acres of centipede which has been purchased & repurchased from a grass farm due to dying and disease. We selected centipede because of its shade and drought tolerence.
    The grass is now infested with weeds, bare spots, black slime, brown patches and lines of yellowing grass that circles and spreads. The problem must be addressed or we will loose our investment completely. In researching, I think part of my problem is too much water from the sprinkler system and clay gravel soil.

    I have so much acreage that it is overwhelming and I don't know where to begin to start. The closest professional help is 2 hrs. away and would probably cost a fortune.

    Could you please give me some advice that won't be so complicated that I will give up.

    In our small town we are known for our beautiful yard.

    Thank you.
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    you mentioned that you purchased centipede bc of its shade tolerance. centipede is not shade tolereant, especially if it has problems with drainage, traffic or competition from other vegatation. it requires strong sun. if it is shaded more than 50% of the day, you will have problems getting it to grow.
    how much are you fertilizing? centipede requires very little, especially while it is getting established. what is your PH?
    have you had you extension service out to take a look?? they may not know the answer to your problem, however they can usually get an answer from the experts at their state offices relatively quickly.

    here are several places to read up on turf:




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