Centipede Grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LakeSide Lawn and Landscape, Mar 14, 2003.

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    i pick up a new yearly customer today.She has all centiped grass,what is the best fert.to use on that type of grass i have never dealt with any before(yes i told her that:D )Also what is best for killing crab grass in it???What i need right now is a good weed killer with somthing to green it up?But i heard nitrogen was bad for centiped????:confused: Any help would be great!THANKS
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    Centipede needs 15-0-15 fert. As for the weeds I can't tell you. If you don't have the knowledge then I'd let someone else treat them.

    Do not over fertilize centipede. It requires less than all the rest. Once in the spring after it is actively growing and then a fall application.

    Don't try and green up dormant grass. Your 400-500 miles north of me and the centipede down here isn't fully green yet. Give it a couple more weeks at least and be sure there will be no more frost.
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    We use lesco 24-5-11 w/ 6% iron on everything right now. We have a lesco spreader and just change the rate from around 15 on bermuda to 10 for centipedes. If it has alot of weeds we used a dry pre and post emergent that has atrazine. Our lesco rep says its the only dry post emergent that he has seen work. Right now everything down here is greening up but with all the rain cant get on it yet.
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    We use three application of fertilizer per growing season,
    18-2-18 (lesco products ) due to sandy soils and based on amount of rain per season.. careful with herbicides, minimize trimec apps. (2-4 d can kill centipede ) confront is getting hard to find and atrazine is dangerous around ornamentals.. check with local extension agency for help or NC state web site
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    Average centipede lawn requires no more than 1/2 lb of N/year/1000 sq ft. Also the Ph need to be > 6.0 My best advice is to talk to your Lesco dealer. I use Dimension emulifiable concentrate for crabgrass control both pre and post emergent. However, for post M, you have to get the crabgrass in its very earily stages of growth (when you first see it). Don't exceed the label rates, I believe about 1.5 oz/1000 sq ft
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    Sorry on my last post. The Ph of the soil should be 6 or less
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    Thanks guys you all have been alot of help.
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    check out pbigordon.com it's full of info.
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    Read the label on your post emergents. I know that MSMA( a post for crab grass) will kill centipede. Use fertilizers with little or no phosphorus, and watch for spittle bugs.

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