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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lakegastonlawn, Mar 23, 2003.

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    I have a customer with a shaded lawn. Slightly weak centipede stand of grass. She wants fescue, instead. This is for the front lawn, only. Around 3 to 4-thousand sq feet. I have never replaced a centipede lawn, and I have no sodcutter available, even for rent. Here is my game plan, please add any corrections or comments you feel will help!!

    I will start by using roundup pro on all of the area. A day later I plan to till lightly(3-4 inches) and rake all grass out that I can. Then I will spray again and do the regular fert/seed routine. Might follow up with a third or half full roller.

    Look OK?
  2. lakegastonlawn

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    Nice echo in here :)
  3. Mike Bradbury

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    you rake FOREVER as you catch one fork tine and pull up a football sized piece. OVER and OVER again. I would do everthing I could to come up with something else. Why is a sod cutter not available? ( I would drive 1 hour to rent one before I tried tilling in and raking)
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    No sod cutter available because I live in a pi@@ant town! :(

    My local rental companies do not have them. Instead of tilling, would you just spray and then use topsoil over sprayed centipede? Seems like centipede is hard to kill. I am worried about some surviving and making a comeback. Suggestions very welcome!!
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    why till ??? how about heavily thatch it, then scalp down , even this should be available in a hick town( sorry) this will loosen some centipede and do some minor prep work to bare areas, sew seed right over top of it although ccent might be more aggressivethan fescue in a drought season...

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    I would treat the centipide 3 times with r-up pro 1 app in early aug with my last week of aug. Go in and cut it short. Put out 4 lbs of a threeway blend of turf type tall fescue. Core aerate, 4 more lbs of seed. spread 18-24-12 at 1 lbs of P per 1000.

    I should have started with a soil test, but lime too at 25-50 lbs per 1000 unless you know your pH is 6.0-6.5.

    I would plant mid sept, b-4 the leaf litter.

    good luck.Igroturf

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