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    Hello, I am new here and need a bit a help. I have 4 lawns of centipede, one was killed a few years ago and seeded with Zenith Zoysia (not by me and not done very well). The 3 pure Centipede lawns were all sodded within the past couple of years. I am in SE NC and the soil temps are already getting to 55 degrees so I hope I am not too late in applying the pre-emergent, crabgrass is one of the main reasons to apply.

    I am realistically new to this so I cannot easily tell the difference between the Centipede and Zenith Zoysia. If the Zoysia is doing well, they would like to have it encouraged more than the Centipede, if not, the Centipede is fine. They just want one strong, preferably the Centipede.

    I need help with suggestions for pre-emergent for these lawns. Thanks in advance!
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    spray with msma, that will kill the centipede. fertilize the zenith and grow it in. If you want to pre-emerge for weed control while doing this use ronstar. keep in mind zenith grows at a snails pace compared to a lot of zoysias.
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    Thank you for your reply. As I said before, I am not skilled enough to distinguish the difference between Centipede and Zenith Zoysia right away so the Zoysia may not be doing well at all.

    The Centipede was doing pretty well to start and I have 3 others that have Centipede so I am more interested in caring for the Centipede than Zoysia.

    Like I said crabgrass is pretty bad in my area, onion grass popped up in one of them and there are several others that popped up at the end of last year I will put a picture up later today for identification purposes.

    We had a VERY mild winter and as I said the soil temps are above 55 on some days here so I am worried I missed my window for getting crabgrass before it germinated. Any comments on this?

    Thanks again!
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    Centipede is a different animal from other warm season grasses. What works on the others will literally kill it. Do a search and read the info. Much of the valuable info you read on this forum you will not read on the label of products. Many products are listed for use on centipede but in reality they have negative long term effects. After I realized this I started getting better results from my centipede lawns.
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    I do understand this as most products use 2d4 and it will hurt centipede... I have searched and not gotten much info especially since this year is a different situation and what I did find didnt really apply to my area...
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    You probably have a few days margin to apply your crabgrass control. I like to apply it before the air temp hits 80. And if you have frost --that will kill whatever came up.

    Oddly, I am trying to grow crabgrass inside in cups for an experiments. So far the seed has not emerged. We keep the temp about 69 inside the house.

    Soil temps here is 45 under bare soil in the shade. It is 41 under thick sod.
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    Interested. We are not quite at 80 yet, VERY close though; mid to high 70s this week... Thanks for the info.

    Now on what type of pre-emergent? Any help there???
  8. danman421

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    The Lesco guys say to use 0-0-7 in granules...???

    Here are most of the weeds in my yard I need help with identifying:











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    Most of those weeds can be pulled as they are dandilion type with a long central root. The end ones are poa anna or a rye. "Gallery DF" is the pre-em you want to use. It's a spray. I'm hesitant to recommend any Dimension or Barricade on a sick lawn. Your lawns are in poor shape because they are not being fed correctly. The chlorine in your fertilize is slowly poisoning the grass. I fertilize centipede with 1/2lb of Nitrogen and 1lb of Potassium Nitrate with Iron and Micro nutrients every month beginning in April and usually through Sept. Those weeds can be controlled with Celsius at medium rate and 1/2%MSO. Pull up a label of Celsius and take a look. Zoysia will take over most lawns and should be fed at a 1:1 ratio. Centipede will never look deep green as its natural color is apple green. Let us know if any further help is needed. Greendoctor has some good info; just search for his post. I used to live on Ocean Isle years ago. Good Luck. Roy
  10. danman421

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    Hi Roy, thanks for your input. I have been reading quite a bit on here and seen you several times, your input is highly regarded!

    A few quick ones for you:
    - Where do I get Gallery? Also, I do not have a sprayer, just a spreader. Does Gallery come in granular form?
    What I have found its EXPENSIVE!!! Is this correct?
    - Why do you say my lawns are in poor shape? This is a bad example as it is before green-up and most are in the backyard of the house where a dog frequents and its hard with Centipede...
    - I used Scott's in the past (I know I know) and will not anymore because of the high Nitrogen. Again, pardon my "newbyness" but do I just buy these fert products individually or do you have specific brand you use, like the "1lb of Potassium Nitrate with Iron and Micro nutrients"?
    - Can you shoot me an email so I can ask you a few specifics and not clog this thread with it? dmmayo at gmail.


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