Centipede pre-emergent

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by danman421, Mar 11, 2012.

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    Sorry, I read incorrectly. The lawn in your post was killed off intentionally by another LCO and not you. Apologizes. Gallery is not available to my knowledge in any granular form. Give a look at XL-2G. http://www.bes-tex.com/products.php?kei=518. Still, the info on the chlorine poisoning is true and may take a little while to manifest.
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    Just one of the yards was and the pictures are not from that yard. That yard has a ton of different types of weeds in it, it needs some real help. I am going to focus on helping the Centipede and eventually the Zoysia will take over. I am confused on this Chlorine poisoning and the MSDS/Label for that XL-2G is not working for me...
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    Dimension for crabgrass control should work fine. And if you are lucky, it sometimes kills newly sprouted crabgrass. 0-0-7 will work.
    Most experts suggest no chlorine on centipede. So you many have some trouble finding a chlorine-free fert . No choice sometimes as far as crabgrass control.
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    I'd like to add a little bit of info on my experiences so far. I'm not in the business, just a homeowner. I'm in the Nashville/Rocky Mount area and I have centipede. It's a well established lawn since about 2002 when the house was built. My father-in-law helped my wife care for the lawn before we met and he came from a farming family. He always put out 10-10-10. I think that is just a general agricultural fert. and something he learned from his dad, etc. Anyhow. I have been using Lesco 10-0-20 fert. THis will be my 3rd season using it. I'll probably put it out next month and allow the temps to stay in the upper 70's to 80's (hopefully) for the grass.

    Last 2 seasons the 10-0-20 seemed to do a really good job with greening up the grass. I have all the same weeds as the pictures, seems like. Not many areas with the rye. The dandelions are a bit of a problem, but my neighbor barely even mows his yard let alone treat weeds, etc. so I have incursions on that side of the yard. The only reason his yard is even green is because of the weeds.... :( I have used Lesco Stonewall (0-0-7 if I remember correctly) for pre-em in the past. It didn't seems to do very well but I'm fairly certain that I didn't get it out soon enough.

    I have some Celsius WG that can be used pre and post em I believe. Last year it did well for getting the broadleaf weeds and not hurting the grass. I have several friends who have lawncare businesses. They recommended Speedzone but I understand it uses 2,4-d so I didn't mess with it. They also don't have many centipede yards so it was a little out of their expertise. I decided to forgo the pre em treatment mainly because the winter was SO mild, I probably should have had pre em out in December. Once the temps get good and warm, most all of those spring weeds die off and I just spot treat the leftovers.
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    I use Speed Zone Southern on my centipede accounts and they are going strong.
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    oh yea, and surflan and prodiamine

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