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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cut 2 Please, Mar 24, 2004.

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    I have no experiance with seeding. I am about to seed my on yard at my new house. The yard now is infested with broadleaf weeds which I sprayed about 2 weeks ago and they are dieing. What do I need to do now to prep for spreading the seed? I have 5 lbs of centipede seed and need to cover 16,000 square feet. I have thought about using a tiller and tilling the yard about 1" deep spreading the seed and then racking it in. I had some one tell me to just spread the seed then cover it with top soil. I had a few more ideas like using a rake on the front of my wb for dethatching to scuff the ground but not shure if that would be enough. The other idea was to aerate and then spread the seed. Please tell me what will work best I do not want to waste the seed on something that will not work. Thanks.
  2. Critical Care

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    Huh? Five pounds of seed for 16,000 s.f.? At any rate... I think a lot of this depends upon what your soil is like. Perhaps you could till in some compost, water it down for a while, and after any weed seeds germinate hit them again. Once they die, then lightly rake in your grass seed - and/or cover with a thin layer of peat or compost.

    Well... that's my suggestion for whatever it's worth.
  3. rtyus

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    You need to till the yard up and level very well. Spread the seed and lightly rake it in. If it's hot and dry you will want to water it every day to keep the soil moist but not wet until it germinates. Once it germinates you can go to a normal watering schedule of an inch a week. And do not spray after you seed. You'll probably have some weeds germinate along with the grass. Just keep them mowed down and keep them from going to seed. The young grass won't tolerate the spray. In 6 to 8 weeks after germination you should start seeing a nice coverage.
  4. j fisher

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    One lb of centipede per 4000 sq. ft., so your OK there. I suggest that you lightly till the soil, rake, broadcast your seed with a small hand held broadcaster designed for very fine seed such as centipede, and then rake to cover the seed. Seeds need to be covered about 1/8th inch. The key to establishing centipede is WATER. Once you start watering, do not let the ground and seed dry out until germination. In proper soil, and water, a centepede lawn can be established in one year. I would wait until late April, or May to seed. You need temps in the 70's for germination. And remember. WATER, WATER, WATER.
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    Don't mean to argue j fisher but Montgomery is only a couple of hours north of me and we're staying well above 70 already. I'd seed it now. In fact, I just seeded one 2 days ago.
  6. HacMan91

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    If you're on the east side of montgomery with all the prairie mud you may want to put some top soil down first. :D
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    Point taken. I'm a little further north. Regardless of month, temps should be in the 70's.

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