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  1. jabbo

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    I have finally decided after doing much reading that I need to apply ironite or some type of iron-based fertilizer on my centipede. Just wandering if someone could give some recommendations on this or any input at all!!!!
  2. mcambrose

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    The biggest problem that most people have with Centipedehas is overfertilization. If it is fertilized more than once per year it is probably turning yellow because of too much N (unless only light applications are made). If you treat it like bermuda you will probably eventually kill the grass.
  3. jabbo

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    I have already posted my problem in another thread and didn't get many replies, but the problem I'm having is for the last two years about 2-3 days after I drive over my grass(cutting grass or just driving over it) it turns reddish color where the tire tracks are. Someone told me that it could be an iron defficency. Any help greatly appreciated!!!!
  4. Williams Services

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    Centipede can be fertilized like the other grasses - just not with the same analysis fertilizer. I use 16-4-8 on centipede and it does fine. Now my own centipede yard gets neglected, of course, so it does undergo some stress from malnutrition, lack of water, etc, which causes the tips to turn red. Here's the thing that you need to do - get your soil tested first. When you get your results back, you'll know exactly what your yard needs and you can proceed from there.

    PS - the fertilization also depends on a few other factors, soil type being a major one. We have mostly sand.

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