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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by radracer, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Thanks for reading. I have been doing lawn service and landscaping part time for a year and a half but I am going to go full time this spring as it is very hard to mow, work a second job go to school and raise a family at the same time. That being said I have a few good accounts that are profitable but I need to add about 40 more to leave my job. I would like to get into the subdivisions because the neighborhoods around here are sparse and spread apart and the subdivisions are plentiful with thousands of homes and are very close together. The problem is the prices in these subdivisions are very low $15.00 per cut and most of the lawn services are servicing for these prices. I have 2 accounts that I do full service for, in one of the biggest ones and they are profitable. But most of the residents don't want full service they just want what they are getting mediocre service at a low price. The yards are very small and most can be mowed, edged, trimmed & blowed in 15 minutes or less including loading / unloading of equipment. I was thinking about doing them for 17.50 per service with a contract. Before someone jumps my case for considering to work that cheap, just remember I am in central Florida where all the companies have 10 Mexicans jumping out of the truck working for next to nothing doing the work while the owner / manager sits behind the wheel smoking a cigarette drinking a glass of tea and watches the money come in. I am just trying to get a piece of the pie for my family while I earn my degree. I would still keep my minimum price for the regular neighborhoods as I am not willing to cut my fellow LSO's throats in these areas. Please let me know what you would do and how much do you charge for subdivisions with small yards. Thanks in advance for all input.

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    Rad, Been there done that, Yea I lived and cut lawns in Deltona and know exactly what you are talking about, I was cutting over 15 years ago for 15 buck's a lawn, one buck a min. Thats not bad if you have a lot of accounts in one area, but if you can find upper scale SD's you may get a higher price but probably only 20. Sad to say the least. Wish I could be more help, I didn't have to deal with the Amigos back than.
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    Well I am in spring hill and find your post a problem. We try to raise our prices and people like you want to cut below cost. How about you figure what it will cost you to cut these lawns and then repost. I just broke a belt on my Scag and you would have to cut 6 yards to cover the cost of the belt.
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    You might need to look at YOUR overhead.......customer don't care what it cost you to do business.
  5. General Landscaping

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    If it can really be done in 15 minutes.... MTEB; and be done right; I'll take every one of them.
    That's 15 minutes for 1 person. We aint talkin about a crew here.

    Can it be done at a pace that will allow you to work all day in the summer?
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    In Zephyrhills where there are a million lco's cutting for $15 you wont find many customers willing to switch over to contract pricing.

    With that said, your only way to compete is to get the biggest mower that will fit and do it for the same price. I have a sub-division that I work in where the houses are all cookie cutter. I drop my 60" on there and from start to finish is about 7 minutes. they pay $65/month, which is well above $1/min most guys on here shoot for.
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    I'm familiar with your area, you can easily cut 20 to 25 lawns a day. Most of lawns are zero lot line homes with a small foot print for landscaping. I think you need to educate your customers and sell them the benefit of your services, be in their face. Have a presentation make it look professional, give them something that is tangible. Its a benefit that you speak English, let your customers know that the will always get a prompt reply to their questions and concerns. Elevate your game, you can do it.

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    Im a solo lco and mow the exact yards you are talking about.I dont have any that I can get done in 15 minutes....most are 25-35 minutes...12-15 yards a day.I charge 75 a month and they get the yard cut weekly 9 months out of the year every other week Dec-Feb.This averages 20 a cut...and 35 an hour:dancing: ..before expenses:cry: For the yards that want me to maintain the shrubs I usually get 100-110.On average it is more of a hassle on these yards and my average hourly rate will go down because of the extra work.I do have some bigger yards and of course monthly rate is a little higher.Because competition is so fierce it is impossible to raise rates much.These are not under cutting rates most lco will charge 65-75 a month for the same yards.I would recommend getting paid the same amount each month.For example most of my yards dont need to be cut every week all the time but I show up cut and still get paid.If you do by the cut you maybe able to charge more per cut but you will only be asked to mow the yard when it is a jungle......good luck.:waving:
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    before leaving your job I would try to get higher end jobs in upper scale neighborhoods ,come winter those $15-$17 accounts are not going to pay you but bi-weekly from Nov - March You now have the begining of the season to build up in tampa I try to stick with Beach Park ,Westchase ,Tampa Palms green all year . There is some High end neighborhoods in lutz down the street from you (2acre 6 bedrooms etc.)And yeah stick to monthly fees not by cut
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    Thanks to all for your advice.


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