Central Fla. Pricing??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Slugger, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Slugger

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    What's the avg. pricing in Central Fla.?
  2. radracer

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    The average mowing price around here is about $20.00 for a regular sized yard, but that is for average work. The key is to do above average work and charge accordingly. Set a minimum price for yourself and don't deviate from it except for special situations ie. mobile home lots in parks (tons of them around here). The average price for them is $8.00 but I wouldn't do one for less than $15.00 and if they can get you at least nine of their neighbors then I would go down a little. My minimum for a home is $25.00 and it goes from there. The customers that just want a cheap price WILL leave you when someone cheaper comes along. So find people who want quality work and charge for it. This is just my .02 but I hope it helps.

  3. FiremanDud

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    I just started out about 3 mths. ago and I have been charging anywhere from 60.00 a mnth for a zero lot line to 140.00 mnth. for 1/2 acre. That doesn't not include hedge trimming or anything like that. That's just mow blow and go!!!!!
  4. Cornwell

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    Most of my accts are 20 to 25 per cut for reg residentals. People who want quality and reliability are willing to pay more on the high side cuz they've already been through the lowballing badmouthing disrespecting lcos. I got a good formula for calculating monthly accts. Say you would charge 25 for a reg cut multiply that times 33 visits per year and divide your answer by 12 and start a little higher to with your bid.
    25 x 33 = 825 / 12 = 68.75 per month so I would start at 75 per month until they bark at it and then I would probably go down to 70 after a couple of rounds

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