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Central Illinois?


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Hey any grounds maintenance guys in my area? I might be interested in some pre-owned equipment...trailers, wb, ztr...etc.


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what are you looking for. I have a lot of equipment that I am selling. 36 and 48in belt scags, 54"ztr lesco 350hrs. trimmers, blowers, 7x14ft enclosed trailer, 5x8 open trailer, 6x10 open trailer, maybe some other things. what are you looking for? thanks. email me at campbellconsult@gmail.com


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Indianapolis, IN
I'm selling a 2004 Exmark ztr, 60", 27hp, many upgrades. Let me know if you're interested. I moved to Indianapolis, but the mower is at my facility in Danville, IL. I can easily deliver it for free. Let me know.