Central Jersey Pre Emergent


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asbury park nj
I am a new home owner looking to get some advice on pre emergent for crabgrass. I just picked up some crabgrass pre emergent from Home Depot made by Lesco and was wondering if it was time now to put it down with the up coming week in the upper 60s. Stuff I read on the internet said to wait for the forsythia bloom, which I have not seen. Is that an accurate indicator?
Thank you for the help.


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Chicago, IL
No hurry to apply any pre-E yet. You bought the better product that HD sells (Lesco probably with Dimension). The Scott's Step #1 has a short window of crabgrass prevention and this year you need all the protection possible!

Check this website and click on the link to see when the crabgrass may be starting to germinate.