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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by cntryboymc, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. cntryboymc

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    i was wondering if i could get some help from anyone on here who works in the central ny area.im trying to get a feel for the business from others in my region.i was told by a customer that my pricing was too high.i try to average $40 per hour.also how are the contracts set up for residential and commercial jobs?any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi Mike,

    I'm in Western NY but I'll give you as much as I can..

    I've noticed people around here are very cheap; meaning they have a ton of money but they don't want to spend any of it. $40 per hour is low. I think my lowest per hour rate on mowing comes out to like $49/hr.. I have given estimates to people and they say its way to high.. I just said "ok pay someone else to do a shi*** job and I'll talk to you soon".. Go after the jobs that will pay.. I know they are out there, you just have to search for them. But to answer your question, $40/hr is in no respects "unreasonable"..

    send me an email or PM if you would like to see some of my contracts..
  3. cntryboymc

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    that would be great if you could send something steve.
  4. mowerconsultant

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    I see your from Auburn, that area has to be hard to work in, it is country and in a area that is not exactly a booming economy.
    I would expand your options on areas to work in, maybe start calling and making some stops in the more afluent areas, such as Skaneateles.
    Just my thoughts....
    If your in Syracuse let me know, I may have a lawn or 3 for ya to mow....lol....
  5. AztlanLC

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    When I started in this business I was making about 25 per hour, because my lack of experience, type of equipment and other factors, nowdays I still have some of my first customers and my hourly rate averages $60 not counting driving time, now to answer your question I think $40 is a good number but if you get too many customers telling you is high, try to find how much other companies are charging, prices change a lot from one county to the other and sometimes just cities.
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    When I was looking to get into this business, I talked with a guy who was working in Camillus (not too far from you). He said to get at least $1 per minute, and not to worry about cheap people.

    Try to not worry about people who balk at the price, you don't want them anyway. I have a couple of customers I could double their price tomorrow and they wouldn't even complain, and they are not my richest customers. Just working stiffs that know that good service costs $$$.

    Good Luck,
  7. cntryboymc

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    any thoughts on contracts for complete lawn service for a year?
  8. djlawn

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    Anybody service the East Syracuse area. I may have a job for ya. Email me at djlawn@twcny.rr.com.
  9. cntryboymc

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    thanks for all the help guys!any dos and donts on commercial accounts?any thoughts on obtaining them?

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