centrifugal force on hills

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ribbie78, Jan 27, 2007.

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    I've thought about this a few times but I'm no physicist.

    When you're on a slope on your ZTR, do you find it tends to feel safer depending on which direction you're going (when going left/right on slope)?

    I may be confusing centrifugal and centripetal forces; but with the blades rotating clockwise would that affect the ZTR's forward motion slightly on a hill? Going straight I don't think there is a noticable effect, but at times it has seemed that on the same slope angle, going left (with discharge pointing uphill) that the ztr "felt" more stable with a tendancy to stay straight and not stray downhill; but on the contrary when going across that same angle and the discharge is pointing downhill, it had more of a tendancy to go downhill in the direction of the blade rotation, sort of like a helicopter that doesn't have a rear rudder....

    Again; there may not be any truth to any of this but could these forces make it safer to go a certain direction on the most difficult part of a slope??

    nothing like a deep thought at 2 am that could be a result of too much cheese dip and beer :laugh:
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    The only thing I know for sure is where it might be safer with a Wb to make a turn going DOWN, that is the LAST thing you want to do with a Z!!!
    With a Z, anytime you turn, always point up the hill.

    I prefer riding in a clockwise direction for the first two passes, but that has to do with keeping the chute from pointing into the street.

    Just go slow, use the Wb if in doubt, and make sure the ROPS is in place and you have a come along and some sturdy rope or chain around (case you need to pull it out of the ditch).

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