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CENTS 2013 Marketplace Talks Turkey

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Michael J. Donovan, Nov 14, 2012.

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    CENTS 2013 Marketplace Talks Turkey​

    6 Ways this green industry convention delivers a business feast​

    You could call the Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show (CENTS) a
    virtual horn of plenty in the world of conventions. When it comes to Columbus this January, CENTS will yield the attendance of a national event, feature fi rst-rate business and education courses taught by industry superstars, and create once-a-year buying opportunities, all
    provided in distinctive Midwestern style where everyone is invited to the table.

    “We’re really thankful about the line-up of topnotch talent for the 2013 CENTS Convention, and the fact that exhibitors and attendees are already responding with vigor,” states Kevin Thompson, Executive Director of the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association, sponsors of the event. “The adherence to a business-fi rst mentality with the backdrop of accessibility that is the Midwest’s calling card has helped CENTS grow into something we only could have imagined 10 years ago. Really, it is now the epicenter of emerging green industry business ideas, where leaders and innovators gather to forge new ways to serve their customers, their partners and the public.”

    How does the Midwest’s largest green industry trade show lure an average of 8,000+ visitors every year? The Top Reasons:

    1. A season of giving. Proceeds from CENTS are put back into green industry businesses through legislative and programming initiatives.

    2. Offering more than pie in the sky. CENTS’ exciting Business Track provides courses on marketing and operations that attendees can dig into, even if their company is in belttightening mode.

    3. A cornucopia of green industry options. From the new ONLA Management Master Class top-level training program and the Interactive Learning Center to the Landscapers’ Challenge and new Young Professional Leadership Summit, there are options to suit every palate.

    4. The full industry scoop. Learn about the latest trends and industry innovations through 100+ education classes and hands-on learning sessions, because nothing says gratitude like a generous portion of know-how.

    5. Time for breaking bread with industry insiders. CENTS serves up discussions led by the who’s who of the fi eld, like Bridget Behe, Frank Mariani, Jim Paluch and Tom Shay, among others. Pull up a chair and fi nd out what’s on the horizon.

    6. The Ohio State University. Yes, Fantasy Football can probably be traced right back to OSU. At CENTS you can bet on a sure winner— the Nursery Short Course’s elaborate menu pushes you across the continuing education goal line every time.

    Want to hear more people dish about CENTS? Visit www.youtube.com/user/columbusonla

    About CENTS
    An industry show for industry people, CENTS provides tools and resources on missioncritical business and green industry issues, trends and opportunities. From lead generation and operations information to pre-season buying incentives and Short Course educational programs, CENTS creates a high-energy forum where attendees can buy, sell, learn and meet. CENTS goes beyond the green side of the business to the business side of the business, to help the industry survive and prosper in challenging economic times. For more information, call (800) 825-5062 or visit www.onla.org. Digital photos are available.

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