CENTS show, bought a topdresser

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Haggerty, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Central Enviromental Nursery Trade Show in Columbus OH

    Great show! It's going on thru Wednesday. Free to people in the trade. Closed to the general public.

    I checked every booth that was a supplier of topdressing material. There was everything from pine dust from NC to Peat from Canada. Some even had the grass seed in them. I got a flier on each one.

    Then I bought a Multispread 200 topdresser for $2000!


    Bought it from: www.cashmans.com in Delaware OH
    It's the same place I bought my Millcreek aerator last fall.
    They have eight or so of them he bought from an out of business dealer. They have a little rust from sitting around, but for that price I don't care.

    No....I don't have any topdressing jobs..yet
    I just needed to put something in those aeration holes I've been making. LOL

    "Makin' money in the winter time!" It's great!


    Here's a pic of the CENTS show entrance, wouldn't let me take any pics inside.

  2. How much would it have been new?
  3. KirbysLawn

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    $2375.00 for ground drive and $3275 for hydro. David, keep us informed on how it works out, I have been looking at these also. They seem to be the best for the money from what I have looked at.

  4. Thanks Ray, this might be my next business endever.

    David, did you get the ground or hydro drive?
  5. The hydraulic drive would have been another thousand, I think the manufacturing rep said. Plus that would have been $1,000 more than normal retail, which would have been even more. These units are what Cashman has the deal on.
    It's a neat little unit, requires a 16 hp garden tractor to pull it. It holds a half cu yard, more heaped up. The rep said Earth&Turf is a division of Millcreek. So it's a good unit.

    It seemed everyone at the CENTS show was into topdressing. But then that was one of the main reasons I went there. To check out topdressing. Prices were all over the place. From $17 a yard for material picked up to $35 yd installed using a mulch blower! I gotta study this...

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    Did you have to do anything to get an invite or is a business card good enuf to get you in? I was at the landscape and remodel show 2 weeks ago and not much was there.

    My own lawn is a perfect case study on turning tuff into turf. Fert apps, aeration, overseeding and top dressing are all things I am starting to read about.
    Thanks for the heads up

  7. I didn't even need a business card to get in. I just put my business name on the form and they printed a nametag. Just take some business cards along to give to the distributors.

    Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association has taken the CENTS page off of their website. But it's from 9:00 to 5:30 today and Wednesday.

    If you havn't been to one of these, GO

    It's a big event! Everyone even remotely connected to the trade will find something that interests them. Kind of like the Louisville EXPO for plants. Flowers in bloom, live sod. It's kinda neet.

    Parking in the convention center garage is kind of steep. Cost me $9 for about 6 hours.

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    So any business from the topdresser? Would love to have a samll one myself.

  9. Nope,

    But I'm not discouraged (yet).:)


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