Certain times of year picking up clients?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by KUMA01, May 25, 2019.

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    Like the title states there are certain times of year you pick up clients/business. Like in April, May I get tons of calls and referrals for people wanting there yards and Landscaping to look top notch for graduation season then in June weddings and late June, The fourth of July parties ect. Also about mid June when it’s blazing hot out and all the hacks and there Home Depot mowers quit I get tons of calls for that. I end up not staying with them bc of obvious reasons don’t pay on time, price shoppers Ect. But some I still have from three years ago and will never switch again. Does anyone else experience this in there area?
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    August and back to school is another time to get new accounts.
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    The spring rush is always chock full of new work for me from mid-March till May. New work goes off a cliff in June (almost zero). By late July - August, I get some calls for new maintenance clients because their "guy" just couldn't cut it...love the pun!:laugh: It's usually some rookie or fly-by-nighter who had no idea of what is all involved in this industry, and could not handle it. Then another cliff in September followed by the fall rush for cleanups/planting shrubs October - December. Then a long cliff January - mid-March. That's my typical year.
    Mid-January through end of February, I do my best to take two 3-week blocks off for R&R...I do whatever the heck I want. This is also an awesome time to take a vacation because the holidays are long gone, and so are the crowds, high food/hotel costs, and traffic. The entire beach is practically vacant....awesome!
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    Yup just now starting to get the overgrown hasn't been delt with all year calls. I price these really high and usually make them sign on for ongoing service.
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