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    In 2011, the Certainty label was updated to remove any uses in cool season grasses. Before 2011, Certainty was labeled for use in creeping bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and KBG mistures with perennial ryegrass or fine fescues to suppress (not control) quackgrass, control roughstalk bluegrass, and remove tall fescue. The 2011 label revision removed those uses.

    If you want quackgrass controlled, I might suggest that you ask different applicators just that -- advertise that you want quackgrass controlled. If an applicator still has the old label product, he'll tell you. Just remember, Certainty isn't a silver bullet for quackgrass: it will only suppress it, not control it.

    Any professional applicator worth his salt will have a plan for controlling quackgrass and it won't rely on an overpromised off-label application.
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    Skipster, I know everything you just said. How do you control quack grass because no one that I know or have talked know's how except to paint a little roundup on the leaves. If you have any suggestions I am all ears, or eyes in this case. The people that asked me have a tall fescue problem.
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    Apologies, I should have specified.. I have Kentucky Blue Grass only.

    And how do I find someone competent in the area to have this discussion?
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    Sorry, maybe I didn't communicate very clearly with my previous post. As it stands today, Certainty is not labeled for applications to Kentucky bluegrass. It would be illegal for any applicator to purchase Certainty to make the application you're requesting. Perhaps someone might have some of the older product with the older label, but it has been 3 years since the removal of Kentucky bluegrass as an approved use site for Certainty, so I'm not sure that anyone would still have any with that older label.

    But, I think you're barking up the wrong tree by chasing Certainty applicators. Certainty never controlled quackgrass -- it only suppressed it. It would turn quackgrass yellow, but the weed would greenup after 3 weeks and you would have to apply again. You would chase it like this all season until the snow covered it in the fall.

    My suggestion is that you find an applicator with positive reviews and ask him to help with your problem. Chances are that he will have a solution that is more effective than Certainty and actually legal.
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    Thanks for the info and the guidance. My search continues for this Unicorn applicator :)
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    Certainty will not touch quackgrass in northern turfgrasses (assuming you used the pre 2011 labelled stuff).
    Believe me I tried. Colossal failure.

    Nothing out there will take out quack selectively. Must round up and start over.
    Chem mfg's note: we need something to handle quackgrass!

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