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    does anyone know if there is a way to give like a certificate to our customers for choosing organic? like one of the Organic Societies would give out or allow us to give out a certificate for like commercial customers? I have a restaurant that I service and would like to give them something to display for their customers to see?
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    Interesting question !!
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    Make something up in word. Or hire a art design company/ person to do it.

    Say something like:
    FACC Landscaping recognizes XXXX Restaurant for it's commitment to safe and organic landscaping.

    Put a gold seal on there and some blue ribbons, done.

    It's not like organic is something that people think there is one organization in charge of so your approval will be fine. Plus you get the added benefit of the advertising.

    Now if you were asking to be able to give something to gas stations to tell their customers that their pumps are fair, most people know that your local weights and measures dept. is in charge of that and will laugh at your personal certification.

    There is no one telling the organic societies when they can give out certificates. They have their own criteria. This is an area where people will probably put more faith in your local approval than some unknown (to 99 of 100 people) organic organization 7 states away.

    It's up to you how ethical you want to be about it. Are you going to give them to everyone and savor the advirtising or are you going to really hold them to it and revoke it if they ask you to, "just do a little night time weed spraying to make the lawn look better"?
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  5. FaccLndscpng

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    Thats what I thought, "LawncuttinFoo" I thought that you could just make something up your self recognizing the property but I also didnt want to make something up then all the sudden an "organic society" or something comes after me. Its a good idea though, especially for restaurants to show off to their customers that they employ Organic people. thanks fellas for your help.
  6. FaccLndscpng

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    once I get it together i will see if i can post it for everyone.
  7. robtown

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    you might want to give them something that says the property is maintained by an accredited landcare company on an organic program.
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    Thats a good one! thanks again
  9. ICT Bill

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    or you may want to have a bunch of stickers (glossy) made up that they could put in their window or on a counter

    You could say something like "This property organically maintained by XYZ company, your children are safe to play here" or "this is a pesticide free zone and is organically maintained by XYZ company"
    and of course add your contact information
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    How interesting.. I was just thinking about this exact topic like two days ago. Having a sign and/or certificate indicating a safe property would be beneficial to the client, contracter, and the push for safe, sustainable landscapes advertisment as a whole.

    I find that some clients are slightly hesitant to change from an entirely synthetic program to a natural system. This is partly due to the fact that they have not yet been exposed to many successful organic properties. Having signs and certificates would raise that awareness.

    you could also maybe add the client to a directory or list somewhere online to recognize that clients participation in your organic program. For example, www.safelawns.org offers a directory, goofy little awards, and other recognition for sponsoring them and participating in their "safelawn movement."

    I definetly want to see a sample sign or certificate posted here in the future.

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