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certification or education pros/cons


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cincinnati ohio
I just graduated college with degree in business. I would like to continue in the landscaping and lawn care business. I was thinking about going back for a degree or certification in horticulture and landscaping. I would to hear your feedback on if this is worth the extra time and money. I know its usually the more education the better, but in your experiences will a degree in this field lead to more business or more money?


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Cape Cod
My belief, based on experience, is that no landscape customer will ever ask if or where you went to school, what certifications you have, or what organizations you are a member of.

The best reason to get a degree or go through a certification process is to enhance your abilities. In other words, if it is going to help you run the business from the inside out, rather than how you are perceived from the customer. Hopefully, you are not entering this venture with no experience.

Business men with experience in people management, financial resources, and not necessarilly a lot of experience in landscaping build a very nice business by my observation.

Dreams To Designs

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It all depends on your intention. This is a very large industry and education will help more in certain areas than others. As has been said, most clients don't ask about your degrees, but are more concerned with the quality of work you will do. The better educated you are, the better your abilities should be. Certificate programs and professional education can be all you need to succeed. Classes in horticulture will enable you to use more and better plant materials. Programs about soil will help you with drainage, grading and proper soil preparation for planting. Seminars in hardscaping will allow you to do more with your business and help you be more full service. You also have lighting, water features and other special interests that are usually served better through short courses or seminars than college classroom. Even if you are not going to be the one doing all the work, you should at least know how it is done correctly. If you choose to do complete landscapes, you'll need a designer or training in landscape design. That in itself can be a career. Degrees can impress, but practical education is much more valuable.