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    Hey All-

    I've been thinking about getting into irrigation because alot of my customers have been asking about it. Just like everything else, I want to do it right and get certified from it. I thought that toro and rainbird had a program but I checked their sites and didn't see anything.

    Please help......
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    Both Toro and Rainbird have local certification programs, but the draw back is: it's brand specific.

    Best way is:
    Check your local state laws, see what kind of contractor liscnese is required.

    Go to a strictly irrigation house such as Lesco?? Ewing, Horizon Irrigation ect... I'm sure there are many other companies, but go to a strict irrigation house.

    Look at the associations available such as the one listed by hbfoxjr.

    I've been in the trade for over 20 years. Most of the knowledge that I have has been through what was taught to me by my father and uncle. I did go to a couple of RainBird programs and a certified installer, but realy, doesn't mean much to a client. My contractor number is what counts. Unfortunately for me, my state is talking about making an irrigation lisncense seperate from my c-27 liscense(landscaping).

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    Central Pump & Supply in Oakwood Village(271 and Forbes Road Area) have seminars in the winter.

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    Central Pump & Supply is everywhere. There parts are outragous though. Stay away from Rain Bird, its junk! You can buy Rain Bird at Lowes so you know it must be junk to be sold in a hardware store. Use Hunter, Irritrol and Nelson. Those are probably the top 3 best irriation products made.

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