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  1. matrixone

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    I have searched through some threads looking for this topic and am not sure if I passed over it or not, but are there some sort of certifications that could help having when starting a lawncare business? If so, what could they be, and what is the simplest way to get from point "A" to point "success?"
    Thanks all.
  2. Lawn Dog2001

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    If I knew that, I would be writing this from my yaht off the coast of the Florida Keys. There is no simple way to get from point A to success.

    I know you need to be certified to do any type of pesticide work. anything else check with your state, as all states have different rules and regulations.
  3. tiedeman

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    yup, just check with your state and local county. Ever area differs. Make sure that you are registered business first, and then go from there. My best advice is get the DBA first, then talk to an attorney, accountant, and someone that you know that is in the business. They can help out a lot. Do plenty of research in your spare time as well online and in the libray. You can never learn too much.
  4. HOMER

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    Depends on your definition of success!

    I have successfully managed to operate my business since I went full time in May of 98.........no repossesions or foreclosures:blob3: .

    I have been successful in maintaining my customers property to the level that they haven't fired me..........I guess that's success.

    I have not been successful at a lot of the elements of the business though.......mainly the savings end of it..........but then again I just really need to buckle down and put my mind to it.

    Set a goal.......achieve it.........then call it a success. Set a new goal and achieve it and call that one a success.

    Being successful is a state if mind and only you can get there. If I tell you that you won't be a success unless you have 100 accounts that all pay $1000.00 a month then most of us on here will never be a success.......by those standards.

    Set goals for yourself and stay focused on them. Success can be found in many ways.
  5. Lanelle

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    If you are looking for professional certifications, look at the professional associations for our industry such as: PLCAA (www.plcaa.org) or ALCA (www.alca.org). These organizations have developed certification programs for various portions of the industry.
  6. kris

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    Lanelle ... we have a similar certification program here... in fact, I think it was put together with alca. Have you ever been to it?
    After over 20 something years doing landscape construction I decided to check it out ... I have to re-test on a couple of things:blush: before I get mine.
  7. Lanelle

    Lanelle LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Congrats on passing most of it. Here, people taking the ALCA tests seem to often need to retest some portion. How many hours was your testing?
  8. kris

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    I traveled out of town for the certification test ... written test was a few hours the night before ... then it was about 8 hours of practical tests the day after ... I think there was around 12 "stations" . Paving stone, builders level, plant ID, laying sod, a few on irrigation, chain saw, roto- tiller, planting, Skid steer. There could be a few others that I may be forgeting this am.
    They also have one for maintenance that I may attempt. Safety also plays a big part of it. Since I had never done any irrigation before I bombed a couple of stations. I did get 100% on setting the clocks:)

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