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    hello everyone, new to the site but i have been following it for a couple of months. i have been out of landscaping for about 6 years now i'm getting back to THE GREAT OUTDOORS! one thing
    i noticed different is all the certifications for everything is this a fad or the real deal and which ones would you recommend.
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    It depends on what you are looking to get certified in, why, and where are you. There are some certifications which you cannot do without (pesticides) which if you don't have it you can be fined SEVERELY. Most of those things just state though that you know the basic information regarding the work. There are other certifications which are required in different parts of the country. Without them you can't do the work and be legal. For others though, they see certifications as another way to be a professional. It means that they are keeping up to date with what is going on in the industry.
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    We believe Certifications add value in that they allow us to tell customers we believe in the industry and we support it though continuing to educate ourselves so as to do a better job for them.

    Certified Snow Professional (CSP thru SIMA)
    Certified Landscape Professional (CLP thru ALCA)
    Certified Irrigation Designer (CID thru IA)

    These are a few of what we encourage our staff to achieve. They/we learn through the education process that is necessary to achieve such certifications.

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